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A top-quality online betting strategy can work wonders for your wagers and put you on par with experienced sports bettors. However, finding the right betting system is not always easy. That's where we come in. At Betpack, you can discover the best sports betting strategies and learn how to use them to boost the success of your New Zealand sports wagers.

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Table of Contents

    Basic Sports Betting Strategies Explained

    A sports betting strategy is any systematised wagering approach that improves your chances of winning. Almost any bettor can use basic sports betting strategies and manage their bankroll or analyse and research sports bets. A basic online betting strategy achieves two things. First, it allows you to place knowledge-based bets. Second, it makes online betting more methodical, helping you maintain discipline, and resulting in good bankroll management and reduced risk.

    However, you can also utilize more advanced wagering approaches. These are specific betting methods where you need to follow a particular pattern, increase bet sizes schematically or wager on particular odds ranges, such as the Fibonacci betting system, the Kelly criterion, the Martingale system etc. Unlike basic sports betting strategies, you first need to understand how these advanced approaches work and then apply them to appropriate events or betting markets. These basic betting strategies that we will cover in this guide are easy to understand and implement, so any bettor can add them to their sports betting handbook.


    Crafting Your Unique Betting Method

    Tailor your approach by considering personal preferences, risk appetite, and betting styles, ensuring a unique and effective strategy that aligns with your goals.


    Comparison of Odds Across Bookmakers

    Learn the art of comparing odds across various bookmakers, empowering you to make informed choices and optimize your potential returns.


    Rely on Your Logic, Not Emotions

    Base your sports bets on logic, not emotions. A successful sports betting strategy relies on reason and thorough research. Avoid supporting your favourite team blindly or backing the underdog solely for the storyline. Make sensible, well-thought-out bets for a higher likelihood of reaping rewards.


    Live Monitoring of Bets and Utilizing the Cash Out Feature

    Maximize your betting experience by engaging in real-time monitoring and strategically utilizing the cash-out feature. Stay actively involved in your bets, making informed decisions to enhance your overall success in sports betting.

    Most Popular Sports Betting Strategies in NZ

    If you are looking for the best betting strategy in New Zealand, Betpack has you covered. We break down common betting strategies and analyse what makes them special. Read on to find out how you can use them to boost your winning prospects.

    Fibonacci Betting Strategy

    A negative progression system, the Fibonacci betting strategy entails that you increase your bet stakes after losing and decrease them when winning while following the famous Fibonacci sequence. Every time you lose, you move one number up. In contrast, after a win, you go two numbers down.

    The Fibonacci sequence, where each number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two is as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. The system is best used on two-way markets with even odds i.e. decimal odds of 2.00, where the chances are 50/50 for both outcomes.

    So, if you are using the system and you lose each of your first five bets, you will need to stake NZD1, NZD1, NZD2, NZD3, and NZD5 respectively. However, if you win your sixth NZD8 bet, you will need to go two numbers down the sequence for your next wager and stake NZD3.

    Effective Handicap Betting Approaches

    Explore handicap betting for enhanced odds on favourites or extra support when backing underdogs. Opt for a 2-way handicap bet, focusing on either a home or away win, for a more streamlined outcome selection. This stands out as a top-tier sports betting strategy. Alternatively, choose a 3-way handicap to include the draw in your predictions, offering a comprehensive approach to forecasting the final result.

    Martingale Betting System

    The Martingale system is a progressive betting strategy which requires bettors to double their bet stakes after each losing wager. The idea is that you recoup all your losses with only one winning bet. The Martingale strategy works best when betting on higher odds that don't fluctuate a lot between different matches. That's why punters often use it to bet on football draws which come with odds of around 3.00.

    For instance, if you bet on odds of 3.00 and lose your stake of NZD10, you will need to bet NZD20 next. If that bet loses, you will need to wager NZD40. If your third bet wins, you will get NZD120 in total winnings. So, you will recoup the NZD70 you staked and get some profit too.

    Kelly Criterion

    The Kelly criterion allows you to determine the bet size taking into account your bankroll and how much value bets offer. The formula for the Kelly criterion is quite simple, and a Kelly criterion calculator makes determining the bet stake size even easier. However, if you want to do your bet stake calculations yourself, this is the Kelly formula you should follow:

    f = [bp – q] / b

    In the formula, b stands for the odds subtracted by 1, p represents your probability of winning, and q stands for the probability of losing i.e. 1 – p. The bet size you should stake for a particular wager is f.

    Hedge Betting Strategy

    Bettors always want to ensure the success of their original bet. One of the best ways to do that is to place the opposite bet so that whatever the outcome, you still have a winning bet. That's called hedge betting and is as close to guaranteed profit as you can come.

    However, hedge betting opportunities only arise if the winnings from your original bet are higher than the combined bet stakes of the original and opposite bet, as otherwise, you would be losing money. Triggering betting offers, such as free bets could help too.

    That's why hedge betting is ideal if you have correctly predicted all selections in your accumulator bet, but there is one more leg to be played, and you want to ensure you win, so you bet on the opposite outcome. Hedge betting can be done by anyone and a hedge bet calculator is often the fastest way to make the right hedge bet estimates.

    The Best Sports Betting Strategies for NZ Bettors

    The best betting strategies are the ones that work for you. In other words, what is a successful betting approach for some, may not be ideal for you. Here are three tips to help you find and create the perfect betting scheme for you. 

    Sports Betting Bankroll Management is Crucial

    Many betting strategies require that you increase your bet sizes depending on the outcomes of your previous wagers. And because no bettor has infinite bankroll, you must pick strategies compatible with the size of your budget. However, there are also other reasons why having a betting budget is crucial.

    • First, by creating a budget you will use only for gambling, you ensure that your sports betting expenses won't interfere with your daily expenditures.

    • Secondly, a separate betting budget allows you to keep track of how much you spend. That, in turn, helps you make better betting decisions when it comes to stake sizes and tells you which betting payment methods and limits work for you.

    Do Your Sports Betting Homework

    In many situations, it will be up to you to improve your chances of success by doing your sports betting research instead of waiting for other betting strategies to tell you what to do. For instance, if you are a football betting enthusiast and want to bet on the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, you should always analyse historical betting stats, head-to-head matches, form, and news about injuries of key players before you start betting. The same goes for all other sports from tennis and basketball to horse racing and badminton. If you want to make informed decisions for even the most complicated bets, do your homework.

    Combine Popular Betting Strategies

    Often, a particular betting strategy will have to be adapted to the NZ betting market of your preference. For instance, if you are betting on the NBA, you might have to combine several systems to come up with an NBA betting strategy that works for you. Similarly, if you are into ice hockey betting, you might need to combine a bankroll management approach with the Martingale system to create your ideal NHL betting strategy.


    Smart bettors always use one strategy or another when they place bets online. You should do as well. A solid strategy boosts the probability of winning your bets. So, whether you wager on pre-match or in-play events or prefer to place futures bets, a quality online betting strategy can help.

    Another thing that helps you make the most of your online bets is picking the right betting site. The top-rated online bookmakers we feature at Betpack have been put through a series of tests and have aced most of them. They are your ideal companions if you want to test a new betting strategy or wagering system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Most Successful Betting Strategy in New Zealand?

    It all depends on the types of bets you place and your betting style. If you bet on point spread markets with even odds, the Fibonacci sequence might work for you. On the other hand, if you are always looking for optimal stake sizes, you should consult the Kelly criterion.

    What is Arbitrage Betting?

    Similar to hedge betting, in arbitrage betting, you wager on multiple outcomes of the same match, thus covering all potential results. In other words, you ensure you will get a winning bet. If you are an arbitrage bettor, you will often need to wager at different sportsbooks to get the best odds.

    How Can I Find The Safest Betting Strategy?

    To find the safest betting strategy, always analyse how much you can spend and then find a betting approach compatible with your betting bankroll. Then pick a strategy that won't stretch your budget by forcing you to spend huge sums of money, but will allow you to extract the maximum value of the bets you place.

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