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Ensuring you find the right betting site is incredibly important when you start your betting journey. This is especially true for the betting sites you link with your online bank account and betting payment methods. This is where our guide to the best PayID betting sites comes into focus. In this guide, we will take a look at what you can expect from PayID, one of the most popular betting payment methods, and if you can still unlock free bets using the payment solution.
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  • PayID is compatible with many sports betting bonuses.
  • No need to share your banking information if you choose PayID.
  • You can use PayID to fund your sports betting account with instant depositing.
  • Making PayID deposits are becoming more available at many top betting sites.


  • Some betting sites will not allow PayID as a viable withdrawal method.
  • Not all NZ betting sites support PayID as an online banking account option.
  • Currently only available to players in New Zealand and Australia through online banking.
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Best PayID Betting Sites in NZ for 2024

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Table of Contents

    Best Betting Sites That Accept PayID

    Betting with the best PayID betting sites is really easy to do when you utilise all of the research and advice our experts have created for you. They have gone through the best betting payment methods, meaning that they can give you a well-rounded and unbiased view of each payment solution that is available to you.

    When betting with PayID betting sites, you will be able to use one of the best alternative payment solutions for bank transfers into your online sports betting account. PayID payments provide safe bank transfers to your betting site. It is quick to deposit money while there are a number of viable and popular PayID bookmakers available too. Read on to learn how you can use the deposit method to make instant deposits using a financial institution that has become very popular.

    Betting with PayID

    If you want to utilise PayID to make quick deposits with your sports betting site of choice, you can do so incredibly easily. We all know that the ability to keep your bank details safe is one of the Apple Pay and PayPal pros, and PayID also has that. Creating a new PayID account for adding to your sportsbook balance is easy, with the bookies' PayID support being excellent.

    If you do choose PayID as your deposit and withdrawal option, then you will have a great option for making your first deposit, withdrawing and making subsequent deposits too. You may already have Apple Pay and POLi account options set up, but many sports betting aficionados will like having the ability to vary adding to their sportsbook balance, and you can select PayID as one of the premier deposit and withdrawal options.

    How We Find the Best PayID Bookmakers?

    Finding the best PayID betting sites is not particularly easy to do if you do not know what you are looking for. This can be problematic, whether you are new at betting or an experienced bettor looking for the best payment solutions to use with your betting sites.

    This is why our experts have become such an integral part of finding the top betting sites or which payment methods are the right ones for you. Below, we have noted a few of the steps our experts ensure to go through when it comes to finding the right payment options that you can use as a withdrawal method or as one of your deposit methods. You can use these steps to make sure you find the right payment option to help you deposit funds.


    Locate the PayID betting sites

    The first step to finding the best PayID betting sites is to find the bookmakers that offer the payment option. This can be the problem when trying to create a PayID account, a PayPal account or just internet banking for betting in general. There are so many bookies out there that offer a swathe of payment providers with instant deposits and withdrawal methods, it can be tough to find your payment provider of choice. Our experts try really hard to find the best way to deposit and withdraw funds and to find betting sites that will allow your payment provider of choice.


    Test the payment method

    Once we have established if a betting site offers one of the best payment method options, we can now take a look at how the payment method functions on the site. This sees our experts making PayID deposits, using PayID as one of their withdrawal methods and making PayID payments in general. Here, they can test how quickly the betting site allows PayID payments to be made, if there are fees to be paid, how safe the online banking method is with your betting site and more.


    Test the betting site

    Once we know whether a betting site allows you to make a bank transfer via a specific payment option, we can look into the betting site itself. Here, we will take a look at other deposit options, betting markets, odds, features, new and existing customer offers, customer service and much more. A site cannot be one of the best PayID bookmakers simply because it allows you to send money and make a first deposit using PayID. Instead, it must allow you to make PayID deposits along with offering a range of other features.


    Test the site

    After all of the very professional ratings of any PayID site, our experts now use the site as a bettor. This means they use PayID as a deposit method, unlock and play with offers and markets, and enjoy the features the betting site has to offer. By looking at the site as a bettor and trying to utilize PayID that way, our bettors can really shine a light on the smallest and largest areas of the betting site itself, helping to ensure no stone is left unturned.

    Facts About PayID Betting

    Facts About PayID Betting Facts About PayID Betting

    How to Register at PayID Bookmakers

    Registering at New Zealand and Australian betting sites that allow you to use PayID as an online banking option is really easy to do. You can follow our step-by-step guide below to sign up with the betting sites and make a bank transfer using PayID.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Select your PayID betting sites Step 1

    Select your PayID betting sites

    To get money from your bank account into your betting sites of choice, you first need to find the best ones. We have reviewed and rated all of the sites you can use to make PayID bank transfers. You simply need to take a look at the extensive range of PayID betting sites that you can use to get money from your bank account into your bookmaker account by reading the facts and reviews our experts have provided you with.

    Click on the link Step 2

    Click on the link

    Once you have found your betting site of choice, you can head to their site. To do so, you simply need to click the link that is provided on our site. The top betting sites in the PayID section of our site will be different to those in the Apple Pay or Bendigo Bank section, with alternate bookies excelling with different payment methods and features.

    Register Step 3


    Once you have clicked on your betting sites of choice, it will take you to their homepage. You need to then click on the sign-up/register/join button that will appear in the top right corner. This will open up the registration page/form that you can fill in. You will need to enter account information such as your name, email address, address and more.

    Start betting with PayID Step 4

    Start betting with PayID

    You then need to confirm your account and verify it via your email or phone. Once you have done this, you can set up your payment system using your PayID email and start to bet. You can also look into making a bank transfer, if there are small fees involved, promotions and more.

    How to Make PayID Deposits?

    Depositing using PayID can be really quick and easy to do once you have seen how to use the payment method on the World Wide Web. Below, we have created a step-by-step guide to help you deposit with the right payment method for you.

    Step 1 - Pick your bookmaker that accepts PayID as a payment option.

    Step 2 - Set up an account with your bookie of choice or sign in.

    Step 3 - Go to the depositing/banking page of your betting site.

    Step 4 - Select the PayID depositing option on the banking page, which will show your bookie's PayID email and username in the description.

    Step 5 - Next, head to your bank's website and log in.

    Step 6 - Choose the option for paying merchants/different people and pick email, with this stage you input your sportsbook username into the description box.

    Step 7 - Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction.

    How to Make PayID Withdrawals?

    Withdrawing using PayID is really easy to do. You can follow our step-by-step guide to make sure your withdrawal times are as quick as possible.

    Step 1 - Sign in to your bookmaker of choice that accepts PayID.

    Step 2 - Head to your withdrawal section and select PayID from the list of withdrawal options.

    Step 3 - Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

    Step 4 - Provide the information that is requested from you.

    Step 5 - Simply wait for the transaction to be processed and sent to your PayID account, where you can then make a bank transfer and send the money to your bank account if you wish.

    PayID vs Ethereum Sportsbooks

    PayID is an excellent choice when instead of making a bank transfer or linking your bank account, you want to deposit directly to your bookmaker. The ability to withdraw money also puts it above some other options like Credit Card withdrawals which are not possible. Despite this, there is no such thing as a perfect payment method meaning that you should always take a look at what other payment methods like Skrill and Apple Pay can offer you.

    Below, we have compared PayID to the popular crypto option Ethereum.

    PayID Sportsbooks
    Check icon

    You do not need to add your card details to your betting site when using PayID.

    Cancel icon

    In most cases, PayID is only available to players in Australia.

    Check icon

    There are generally no fees when using PayID, and if there are, it is generally a small fee.

    Check icon

    PayID can be used for both depositing and withdrawing with many bookies.

    Check icon

    Many betting sites allow PayID to be used to unlock offers.


    Ethereum Sportsbooks
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    Ethereum is incredibly safe to use as you can make anonymous payments using cryptocurrency.

    Cancel icon

    Ethereum is becoming popular but some bookies still do not offer it as a viable payment option.

    Check icon

    There are no fees for using Ethereum as a payment option.

    Check icon

    Ethereum is a viable deposit and withdrawal option with many sites.

    Check icon

    Many betting sites will allow players to use Ethereum to unlock new and existing customer offers.

    PayID Experiences 

    "PayID is my go-to when it comes to getting money into my betting account and making a bank transfer." — Aaron

    "I wasn't 100% sure about using a new payment method to fund my betting wallet, but PayID was really easy to get involved with internet banking. And I don't even need to share my bank account details!" — Dan

    "Quick and safe payments with PayID gives me another option when it comes to funding my betting site account." — Cara

    Alternatives to PayID Bookmakers

    There are a number of viable alternatives when it comes to trying to fund your betting wallet. We are not saying that you should definitely choose to ignore PayID, but you can only make a truly informed choice when you consider the other payment options too. Below, we have listed a few of the biggest bookmaker payment methods and why they are viable for you.


    Skrill is perhaps the biggest E-wallet option available today. When you bet with Skrill, you will enjoy instant depositing and very quick withdrawals too. Payments are safe and secure as your bank account details will not be shared with your betting site of choice, with this meaning your information is kept safe. The one major frustration with Skrill is the fact that, along with Neteller, the two seem to be the most likely to be omitted from unlocking an offer. Despite this, the majority of betting offers can be unlocked using Skrill, although we recommend you to look at the terms and conditions before trying to unlock the offer.


    As mentioned, Ethereum is one of the most popular crypto-betting options available right now. The others include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and more. The draw with the crypto options is that depositing and withdrawing are usually instant, while you can make anonymous payments, ensuring your details are kept safe. As crypto is rapidly gaining popularity, it means that more sites are choosing to offer it. However, we should caveat that with the fact that not every betting site supports crypto betting as yet.

    Visa Debit Card

    Likely the most popular way to pay for anything in the world, the Visa Debit card is a really easy way to find your betting account. Deposits are generally instant, while withdrawals are fairly quick too. Positively, almost every betting site in the world will allow you to bet using your Visa Debit, meaning you will not have to pick and choose which bookie you have to sign up with based on your payment method. The only real detracting factor is that you will usually have to add your bank details to your site of choice. While betting sites are very safe places, you can really add to the security of your details by paying with a method that does not transfer your information from your bank to your betting site.

    PayID Betting Summary

    PayID may not be the biggest name in betting payment methods, but it has started to provide a new and viable way to get money from your bank account into your betting site. Payments are very quick, while withdrawals are generally made fairly quickly too. The fact that your payment details are given a high level of security also adds to the draw of PayID.

    The one frustrating element when it comes to PayID is that it is still restricted to Australian and New Zealand betting sites. Alongside this, some bookies will not allow you to withdraw using PayID, although this seems to be a trend with some bookies when it comes to withdrawing.

    All in all, PayID will provide you with a new and trustworthy way to get money into and out of your betting account of choice as long as you are an Australian or Kiwi bettor.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I withdraw from my betting site using PayId?

    Yes, usually you will be able to withdraw using PayID. The withdrawal process using PayID is actually even easier than depositing, with this making it quick and simple when you come to get your hands on your own money. The only frustrating thing is that withdrawals are not usually instant, although they are generally processed within three working days.

    Which are the best PayID betting sites?

    This completely depends on how you want to bet. If you want to bet on football with a range of features and new customer offers, then your top betting site will differ from a bettor that wants excellent customer service, and a range of betting markets for basketball and in-play betting. With this in mind, we recommend that you head to our page for the best PayID betting site, with our experts doing all of the research for you and rating all of the available options.

    Can I get betting offers when betting with PayID?

    Yes, you can. Usually, a betting site will not go out of its way to block a payment option from unlocking an offer. PayID is not usually a payment method that will stop you from getting an offer although we recommend that you check the terms and conditions of a specific offer before accepting it.

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