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Betpack Editorial Guideline

Steven D. Thompson


Betpack is all about sports fans and bettors such as yourself. We adhere to the highest editorial principles to bring you unbiased bookmaker reviews, reliable guides and the latest sports news.

Our Vision & Our Mission

To inform and educate bettors to help them stay ahead of the game. We provide punters with the best betting sites and sportsbook promos in NZ and the tools they need to make the most of these bookmakers and bonuses.

    • The editorial team at Betpack is responsible for providing readers with detailed content concordant with facts. We check all written pieces meticulously, making sure they comply with the highest editorial conventions and criteria.
    • Betpack partners and affiliates are not allowed to alter the content on the website. Editorial integrity is lauded at Betpack.
    • Betpack caters to a diverse audience of readers and the composition of our editorial team reflects that diversity. We welcome and promote all points of view and believe that it is this diversity of opinion that helps us forge a relationship of trust with our readers.
    Our Vision & Our Mission
    Editorial Autonomy

    Editorial Autonomy

    • The content on the Betpack website is produced by our writers, editors, and content creators. Their pay and work are in no way affected by our affiliates, partners, and sponsors.
    • All the opinions on our website are our own. Our assessments are the result of in-depth evaluations and betting industry know-how, as well as the time we have spent analyzing bookmakers and their products.
    • Betpack affiliates, sponsors, partners, and advertisers have no influence on our content. They do not interfere with the guides, reviews, comparisons, news articles, and analyses our editorial team creates.
    • Betpack’s editorial team is free to express its points of view. The content produced has no bearing on the editorial team’s remuneration and performance evaluations.
    • Betpack affiliates, sponsors, advertisers, and partners have no control over editorial team evaluation and compensation.


    • We constantly check editorial content for relevance, pertinence and correctness.
    • All factual information involving numbers, percentages, facts, and statistics contained in our articles and reviews is continuously and meticulously checked for veracity.   
    • Betpack writers rely on credible and authoritative sources of information to provide site visitors with true and appropriate content that is factually correct.
    • If there is an error in the content we provide, we correct it as soon as we see it. Betpack readers and site visitors are encouraged to report mistakes or inaccuracies they notice that we have inadvertently failed to detect via our on-site form.
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