Volleyball Betting Sites in New Zealand

Volleyball is a dynamic and elegant sport that is great for betting. This is doubly true when you join the best volleyball betting sites in New Zealand. The best volleyball bookmakers offer you hundreds of betting markets, competitive odds and the best volleyball bonuses. At Betpack, we help you find these top-rated volleyball sportsbooks. Choose a top volleyball betting site and enjoy your volleyball betting from day one!

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Table of Contents

    Volleyball may not be as popular as soccer or tennis, but it is at least as exciting. It is played on every continent, and there are volleyball bettors who regularly bet on this sport. And it's easy to see why. Once you start watching a volleyball match, it's hard to change the channel. Volleyball matches are action-packed, and since this sport is about every single point, they are as competitive as it gets.

    However, to enjoy the sport to the fullest, you need to bet with the best volleyball betting sites in New Zealand. Only the best betting sites will give you the events, markets and odds you deserve. The easiest way to find these volleyball sports betting sites are the online bookmakers we have listed and reviewed. At Betpack, we review every volleyball bookmaker from top to bottom and only feature the best. These bookmakers offer you the best volleyball betting options. Read on to find out how to sign up with them and learn more about volleyball betting.

    The best volleyball betting sites in New Zealand

    To enjoy volleyball betting, it's not enough to bet on top volleyball tournaments. You also need a fantastic selection of betting markets and competitive odds. Elite volleyball tournaments are great for volleyball fans. However, for bettors, a variety of volleyball markets and the best volleyball odds are also mandatory. And the only way to get these is to sign up with the best volleyball betting sites in New Zealand, like the ones we feature here at Betpack.

    Our top-ranked online bookmakers have gone through a rigorous evaluation process and passed all our tests with flying colors. They offer you both popular and less popular volleyball events, so you will never run out of betting options. The wide selection of pre-match and in-play betting serves a similar purpose, while the volleyball odds and bonuses are out of this world. To see what we are talking about, we invite you to sign up with one of these online bookmakers and experience the excitement firsthand.

    How we choose the best volleyball betting sites in New Zealand

    You already know that we offer the best volleyball betting sites at Betpack. But have you ever wondered how we find and select them? Read our four-step review process to learn how we select the best volleyball bookmakers and how we create our unbiased reviews.


    Check the licensing information

    We start by analyzing a sportsbook's license. It is the most important element of a sportsbook, because nothing indicates that you are dealing with a reliable volleyball bookmaker more than a license from a reputable regulatory body.


    Check Volleyball Events

    All of our top-ranked betting sites offer the best volleyball tournaments. This is because before we list a sports betting site, we check if it offers all the popular volleyball events as well as the lesser-known volleyball competitions.


    Look at the betting markets

    Next, we check the selection of betting markets. For a bookmaker to be listed on Betpack, it must offer you a fantastic selection of pre-match betting markets. It also needs to have a top-notch live volleyball betting section.


    Analyze the volleyball odds

    Competitive odds are crucial if you are looking for a good deal. That's why we find the bookmakers that offer them. We analyze and compare the odds and find the providers with the lowest house odds. The bookmakers that pass all these tests are listed by us.

    Popular volleyball contests at online bookmakers

    All volleyball matches are exciting, from youth leagues to college volleyball and world championship duels. However, if you want to have the full volleyball experience, you need to bet on the most popular volleyball competitions at online betting sites. All volleyball players aspire to play on the big stage. That's why they give their all in these prestigious volleyball tournaments. And this is quite a spectacle for fans and bettors alike.

    Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you find volleyball bookmakers that offer you these high-profile competitions. But what happens if you are new to volleyball and do not know which are the best volleyball tournaments? Do not worry, we can tell you. These are the volleyball events you need to look out for when choosing an online betting site in New Zealand.

    Olympic Games

    Volleyball is one of the most popular Olympic sports. Olympic volleyball has been on the programme for both men and women since 1964. In women's volleyball, the Soviet Union is still the most successful country with four gold medals. However, nations like China, Cuba, Brazil, and Japan are sure to catch up with the now-defunct country. Brazil is the most decorated nation in men's volleyball at the Olympics. However, the competition with the United States, China, and Serbia has been quite tough lately. So you can expect super exciting volleyball matches at the next Summer Olympics.

    FIVB World Championships

    The FIVB World Championships is the most important volleyball tournament for men's national teams. The first edition of the FIVB World Championships took place in 1949. Since 1962, the tournament has been held every four years. In order to participate in the World Championship finals, teams must first qualify through their respective federations. Until 2022, 24 teams could qualify for the FIVB World Championship Finals, but this number has now been increased to 32 nations. The most successful nation is the Soviet Union, followed by Italy, Brazil, and Poland. The World Championship Finals last about a month, which means you will have plenty of opportunity for volleyball betting.

    Major FIVB Volleyball World Cup

    If you are an avid volleyball bettor, you want to be able to bet on the best volleyball tournaments every year. Fortunately, the FIVB shared exactly this view when they decided to introduce the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Champions Cup in 1993. Thea was to organise two international volleyball tournaments at the highest level every year. There were already Volleyball World Championships, World Championships and Olympic tournaments that took place every four years. There were also the annual Nations League tournaments. So there was an empty volleyball field that needed to be filled. The FIVB filled this gap in the volleyball calendar in 1993 with the Volleyball World Grand Champions Cup. The tournament takes place every four years and Japan is always the host. Brazil is the most successful team, while the Chinese also dominate the women's tournament.

    Volleyball betting odds

    Competitive odds are the hallmark of a top-notch online volleyball betting site. Volleyball betting sites advertise their bonuses and emphasise how good their volleyball betting markets are. And that may be true. However, if a volleyball bookmaker does not offer enticing volleyball betting odds, you are better off without it.
    The reason is simple. If you get good odds, your profits will also be higher. The lower the odds, the lower your profits and the bigger the profit margin for the bookmaker. So to get the best volleyball odds possible, you should choose volleyball prizes that offer you great value. If you need help finding these odds, read our sportsbook reviews. We'll tell you exactly how good the odds are on volleyball betting sites in New Zealand. This way, you can find the best volleyball odds without any hassle or wasted time.

    How to sign up for volleyball betting sites in New Zealand

    Signing up with volleyball betting sites is the easy part of your sports betting adventure. What's harder is finding the best volleyball betting site. Fortunately, we can help you with both of those things. Here's how to sign up to the best volleyball betting sites in New Zealand.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Check the security Step 1

    Check the security

    Before signing up with any sports betting site, not just a volleyball betting site, always check the licence. Also, check the security levels. These two things, or lack thereof, can tell you a lot about volleyball bookmakers.

    Check Volleyball Tournaments Step 2

    Check Volleyball Tournaments

    Now take a look at the volleyball competitions you can bet on. The more options you have for your volleyball betting, the better. So only shortlist online betting sites that have a fantastic selection of volleyball events.

    Go through the betting markets and odds Step 3

    Go through the betting markets and odds

    When betting on volleyball, you want to bet on popular volleyball betting markets as well as more exotic options. You also need the best volleyball odds. If a bookmaker meets both criteria, it is a good choice for you.

    Register with the best volleyball bookmaker Step 4

    Register with the best volleyball bookmaker

    Now it's time to open a sports betting account with the best volleyball sports bookmaker. Sign up with the bookmaker by following the registration instructions. You can now place your first volleyball bet.

    Betting markets for volleyball bookmakers in NZ

    A betting strategy for volleyball matches can help you a lot when betting on this sport. However, this betting approach is of no use to you if the bookmaker does not offer the volleyball betting markets you need to make this strategy work. The choice of betting markets is crucial to the success of your volleyball betting. If there are a variety of betting markets for pre-match and live betting, you can place all the bets your heart desires. You can also use any volleyball betting strategy or stick to the volleyball betting tips you have read. Read on to learn more about the most popular volleyball betting types at New Zealand bookmakers.

    Match betting

    Match bets are the easiest betting markets to understand. With them, you bet on the winning team. In other words, you bet on the home win or the away win. If the team you bet on wins, you also win your volleyball sports bet.

    Handicap betting

    In volleyball betting, the handicap market is one of the most common types of bets. Here, the betting site gives a points advantage to one of the volleyball teams and disadvantages the other. This way, the sportsbook can even the playing field and give you higher odds for favourites and a points advantage for underdogs.

    Future bets

    Future bets, or outright bets, allow you to bet on future outcomes in volleyball, such as which teams will win domestic volleyball leagues or triumph in other volleyball competitions. When you place outright bets, you do not bet on individual matches but on entire leagues and tournaments. This means that you have to wait days, weeks or even months before your bets are settled and you know whether you have won or lost.

    Over/under totals

    With over/under bets, you predict whether the total number of points will be under or over a threshold set by the bookmaker. You can bet on totals markets for the whole match or for individual sets. For example, if the bookmaker gives you a limit of 46.5 points for the third set and you think the set will end with fewer points, you can bet on "Under".

    Tips for choosing the best volleyball bookmakers in New Zealand

    If you follow both unknown and popular volleyball tournaments and research tournament statistics yourself, you will not need volleyball betting tips when betting on volleyball matches. However, you probably need help choosing the best volleyball bookmakers in New Zealand, especially if you are betting on the sport for the first time.

    At Betpack, we can help you find the best online volleyball bookmakers. That's because we do not just analyse different volleyball betting sites. We also give you tips on how to choose the best of them. Here are three useful pieces of advice if you are looking for a sportsbook or app for mobile betting on volleyball.

    Volleyball live betting markets are crucial

    The best bookmakers in New Zealand always have a live betting section. So if you can not bet on volleyball matches while they are being played at a volleyball betting site, you should look elsewhere. Live betting is invaluable for bettors. When you bet on live volleyball matches, you first see how the two volleyball teams are playing and then you can make an informed bet based on what you see.

    Benefit from volleyball betting bonuses

    When you sign up with one of the best volleyball bookmakers in New Zealand, you will often receive a welcome bonus. Once you are a customer, you will benefit from free bets, cashback, reload deposit bonuses and other promotions. These bonuses allow you to bet on volleyball without risking your money. So, if you find a generous sportsbook with lots of enticing bonuses, you can get the maximum value out of your volleyball bets.

    Choose a specialised volleyball betting site

    Some sports betting sites specialise in volleyball. They offer many betting markets that other sports betting sites do not, and offer you volleyball-specific promotions, such as increased volleyball odds or free bet offers. To find these sports betting providers, read our Betpack reviews. We tell you which sports the bookmaker excels at and always highlight the best bookmakers for volleyball betting.

    Pros and Cons of volleyball bookmakers in New Zealand

    The best volleyball bookmakers in New Zealand offer you plenty of advantages that make betting on a volleyball match doubly enjoyable. However, not all bookmakers are as reliable as our top betting sites. Some of them have a whole host of disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of volleyball sports betting in New Zealand.



    • Wide selection of volleyball leagues and competitions.
    • Pre-match and live betting options.
    • Lucrative volleyball bonuses and free bets.
    • Two high-profile international volleyball competitions per year.


    • Volleyball is not as popular as other sports.
    • Live betting options may not be as extensive as pre-match markets.
    • Volleyball betting odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

    Volleyball betting sites vs. tennis betting sites

    Volleyball and tennis are two popular sports offered by New Zealand bookmakers. But which sport and which betting site is right for you? We'll help you choose. Check out our comparison of tennis and volleyball betting sites and choose the one that seems to suit you best.

    Volleyball betting sites
    Check icon

    You can bet on pre-match and live betting markets.

    Check icon

    There is a wide range of volleyball events on offer.

    Check icon

    Most volleyball events are well broadcast.

    Cancel icon

    Volleyball-specific promos are not very frequent.


    Tennis betting sites
    Check icon

    There are many ways to bet on tennis before the match and during the match.

    Check icon

    There are hundreds of tennis tournaments throughout the year.

    Check icon

    Tennis news and injury reports are always available.

    Check icon

    There are free bets and reload bonuses specifically designed for tennis tournaments.


    Unlike other sports, volleyball has two high-profile tournaments every year, in addition to all the other volleyball events that take place throughout the year. So if you want to bet on volleyball, you are spoilt for choice, right? Well, yes, but only if you get these volleyball tournaments as part of the betting offer. The fact that volleyball is an Olympic sport means little if you can not bet on the Summer Olympics. So before you start betting on volleyball, you first need to find bookmakers that offer top-quality volleyball events. You also need a fantastic range of volleyball betting markets, both for pre-match betting and live volleyball betting. This way, you can bet on all aspects of the volleyball matches before and after the match. Finally, look out for enticing volleyball odds and lucrative bonus offers such as price boosts and free bets.

    If you take all these points into consideration, you can find a good volleyball bookmaker. However, if you do not have the time to do all that, or want to be sure you are choosing a top bookmaker, we can help. At Betpack we scan, compare and review volleyball sportsbooks in New Zealand. Having done this for years, we know exactly what to look for. Unlike bettors who, despite analysing all aspects of bookmakers, have to take some risk when signing up to new betting sites, we leave nothing to chance. We sign up with bookmakers, activate bonuses and place volleyball bet after volleyball bet to check all betting markets the bookmaker offers. When we are satisfied, we list the betting site. So when you choose a bookmaker with our help, you are joining a betting site that we have put through its paces. Sign up with a top volleyball sportsbook now and bet with a clear conscience!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any safe bets for volleyball?

    There are no safe bets. However, you can improve your chances of winning by analysing volleyball teams, their form and previous matches. You can also try using a volleyball betting strategy that has worked for others.

    Can you bet on beach volleyball in New Zealand?

    Of course, you can. Beach volleyball is a great sport to watch and an even better sport to bet on. It is even played at the Summer Olympics. Note, however, that the rules for beach volleyball are slightly different from those for indoor volleyball.

    Is volleyball a good sport to bet on?

    Yes, it is. There are a variety of volleyball tournaments, and most betting markets are easy to understand. If you find a top bookmaker, you'll also benefit from great odds and enticing volleyball betting offers.

    How can you claim volleyball free bets?

    To unlock free bets on volleyball betting, you must first sign up for the bonus. Then place a qualifying bet and wait for it to be completed. Once you have met the bonus requirements, you will receive your free bet credit.

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