Ice Hockey Betting Sites in New Zealand

Ice hockey betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting in the whole industry. It is mainly focused on the USA as they host the most prestigious ice hockey league, the NHL. There is a diverse range of ice hockey betting markets to gather your attention, all of which have their own unique qualities and strategies to win more than you lose.

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Table of Contents

    If you’re interested in delving into betting on ice hockey then you have most certainly come to the right place. In this guide, we will take you through it all. We will be discussing the best ice hockey odds to look out for and the bookmakers that you should be registering with before you even start.

    We will also be going through some of the most popular ice hockey tournaments including the NHL and the winter Olympic Games. By the end, you’ll be ready to take your first step into the world of ice hockey betting!

    Best Ice Hockey Bookmakers in New Zealand

    The first thing on the agenda is finding the best ice hockey betting site to suit your needs. There are plenty of different bookmakers to choose from today and new betting sites are opening all the time which can make it difficult for new bettors to find what’s right for them.

    At Betpack you will find plenty of bookmakers that we recommend right on the site, clicking any of the links will take you straight to the registration page of that particular site. The sites that we push all have great odds and some nice betting options that will keep you sweet.

    Each site also has great customer service and FAQ pages so all of your burning questions can be answered right at the ice hockey betting site of your choosing.

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    How We Choose the Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites in New Zealand

    If you’d prefer to do your own research into ice hockey betting sites then you may be interested in our next section where we take you through our process of finding the best bookmakers. This isn’t exclusive to ice hockey either, this can be adapted to any sport of your choosing.


    Find Ice Hockey Betting Sites

    The first step is to create a preliminary list of betting sites. Not every top betting brand will offer ice hockey betting markets but you’ll find that most of them do. Which is great as it will give you plenty of options. This can however be both a blessing and a curse as it can be difficult to narrow it down. We recommend starting with a list of 5-10 ice hockey betting sites and narrowing it down slowly by following the next steps. This will help you find the best bookmaker for you.


    Check for fees and limits

    Before really pursuing and committing to any of these ice hockey betting sites, you’ll want to check for any limitations and fees that might trip you up. These things may seem small but over the long run, they can really add up. You will need to check withdrawal and deposit limits as well as transaction fees and speeds. Now you can forget about the non-starters and move on to the next step.


    Analyse Ice Hockey betting markets

    The next thing you will need to check before making any sort of decision is the ice hockey betting markets themselves. Ideally, you will want to see coverage of all the major tournaments and leagues. This includes the European Leagues, the World Cup and of course the NHL. Most of the top betting sites will offer the lot. If you find a betting site with limited markets then we suggest leaving it behind.


    Bonuses and Promotions

    Bonuses and promotions are a pivotal part of sports betting. They are one of the most exciting aspects and can also be utilised to make some serious money. The best offers that we look out for tend to be 'bet and get bonuses'. These are very simple, you make your first deposit, place a bet and then you’ll receive your bonus funds. This is our favourite type of promo as it’s easy to understand and easy to turn into cash.

    Popular Ice Hockey Competitions at Online Bookmakers

    As we mentioned in the prior section, betting markets are very crucial to making a good betting site a great one and here at Betpack we only want our bettors to be using great betting sites.

    The question is, what markets should be offered? Well, there are a lot of ice hockey events that are worth betting on, but there are a few that we would consider must-haves when you choose which ice hockey betting site to use. In the next section, we will take you through what these are and why they are important inclusions in any betting site’s with:

    Winter Olympic Games

    The Winter Olympics is one of the most exciting periods in the sport of ice hockey. The best players from around the world represent their country in one of the most iconic tournaments in the sport. The Olympics come every four years which means some betting sites may never have covered them. It also means that it is way less regular than the other competitions we discuss.

    This is what makes the Olympics special, the significance of the tournament comes from the fact that it’s played so infrequently. It’s like the World Cup in football in that way. This also makes it an absolute blast to bet on. There are loads of games and all of them are of high quality. The next games take place in 2026, mark your calendars for February and maybe book some flights!

    IIHF World Championship

    The International Ice Hockey Federation or IIHF is the international governing body of ice hockey. It was founded in Paris in 1908. They run a number of club ice hockey competitions as well as the coveted World Championship. This is one of the biggest tournaments in ice hockey and is taken very seriously in the community. There are many great betting opportunities throughout the duration of the tournament.

    The top tournament features 16 teams in its top division which is where the prestigious cup can be won or lost. As with any knockout-style tournament, outright bets are extremely popular. An outright bet is a bet on a future outcome such as the winner of the tournament. The most recent winners of the tournament were Finland but Canada and Russia/Soviet Union also have 27 titles. The next tournament begins in May 2024. Who will win that prestigious trophy?

    European Leagues

    Ice hockey isn’t just appreciated in North America. It is also a vastly popular sport in parts of Europe. The major European leagues all provide great, entertaining competitions for punters. Whether you have a strong interest in ice hockey or not you can still enjoy these matches.

    One of the most popular European tournaments is the Champions Hockey League which is a first-level hockey tournament. It was founded in 2013 and launched in 2014. 32 teams compete with 13 countries represented so far. This tournament is also a popular outright betting opportunity for many.

    Swedish sides seem to dominate the tournament with six of the seven competitions being won by a Swedish team. Four of these wins were Frolunda HC who is one of the top teams.

    National Hockey League

    Finally, we have one of the most popular and widely known ice hockey competitions in the world, the National Hockey League or NHL or Stanley Cup. The NHL is a North American league that consists of 32 teams, 25 from the United States and 7 from Canada.

    It is considered by many to be the pinnacle of ice hockey, the top-ranked hockey league in the world. It runs in a similar fashion to both the NFL and NBA which are the top leagues in American football and basketball. Like those sports, the betting opportunities are phenomenal.

    There are vast betting markets in the NHL at the top bookmakers, the coverage is absolutely fantastic. From player props to handicaps, you will see any market imaginable within reason.

    NHL betting has by far the most popular ice hockey markets and the competition is great to watch especially when it comes to the Stanley Cup. There are plenty of NHL matches to bet on. You will also see more boosted odds.

    Ice Hockey Betting Odds

    Ice hockey betting odds work in a similar manner to that in other sports. If you're unsure of how this works, then don’t worry. It's pretty easy to understand.

    The odds are calculated based on the implied probability that an outcome will happen. So if a bookmaker had a team at let’s say 2.5 to win, then they are implying that there is a 40% chance that they win. This is the same way all odds are calculated.

    You can work out the probability based on any decimal odd using a simple division. One divided by the decimal odds. For example:

    USA: 4.00 to win odds

    1 / 4.00 = 0.25

    0.25 = 25% chance of the USA winning

    These probabilities are formulated using a number of computer algorithms and they are often pretty accurate. It’s worth checking the exact probabilities before placing a bet. This will help you gauge how you plan to stake it.

    How to Register on Ice Hockey Betting Sites in New Zealand

    You may be wondering how to actually sign up for a betting site and how the process works. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s actually very simple. Allow us to take you through the full process of registering.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Choose your ice hockey betting site Step 1

    Choose your ice hockey betting site

    The first step is simply choosing the ice hockey betting site that you wish to use. There are a lot of great options to choose from. Re-read our section on how to select a bookmaker.

    Use our link to enter the registration page Step 2

    Use our link to enter the registration page

    Now it’s time for you to enter the grounds of your chosen bookmaker. If you choose one of our recommended sites, then you can click the link to be taken straight to their sign-up page. You will also be eligible to claim a bonus!

    Enter your information Step 3

    Enter your information

    When signing up for a betting site there is a lot of information that you will need to disclose upon signing up. As you may already know, you must be 18 to gamble online in New Zealand so you will need to provide proof of age by using a legal form of ID. You will also need: Full name, Phone number, E-mail address, Date of birth.

    Customise your experience and get betting Step 4

    Customise your experience and get betting

    The next step is where you’ll begin to make your betting experience your own. You’ll have the option to choose how you’d like things to be. This includes odds format and banking limits.  We always suggest to bettors new and old to set a deposit limit when signing up for a new betting account. Ice hockey’s fast-paced nature can easily lead anyone to be caught up in the drama. After this, you’ll be good to go and ready to make your first deposit and begin your ice hockey betting journey. 

    Pros and Cons of Ice Hockey Bookmakers in New Zealand



    • Easy to use and understand.
    • User-friendly websites and app designs.
    • Large range of markets.
    • Competitive prices.
    • VIP loyalty programs.


    • Time zones make it difficult to utilise live betting and live streaming in New Zealand.
    • Lack of customer service options at some of them.

    Ice Hockey Betting Types at New Zealand Bookmakers

    There are a lot of betting types that you’ll learn to be familiar with as you spend more and more time betting. But there are a few very popular ones that we think it’s worth knowing about before you even register to place a bet. In this next section, we will take you through some of the most popular ice hockey betting types.

    Moneyline bets

    The first type is one of the most popular and perhaps the most simple. The money line market is simply a bet on the outcome of a game. Whether you think team A will win, team B or a draw. This is an excellent gateway as you can use our probability formula to build a winning strategy with just results betting. You can combine multiple different money line selections in an accumulator bet. You can also bet on the money line when ice hockey live betting.

    Player prop bets

    Player prop bets and prop bets in general are one of the most fun and exciting bet types of all. We think player props are particularly great for novices. Most people get into a sport after seeing a player they like. For example, Wayne Gretzky back in the day will have brought many eyes to the sport and some would’ve watched games just to see him.

    Player props allow you to bet on things that relate only to the players rather than the overall team outcome. For example:

    Wayne Gretzky to score more than 3 points - 4.5


    Futures betting is another simple but fun bet type. It essentially involves betting on a future outcome, like a tournament winner or highest scorer. It is much more difficult than moneyline bets as you are essentially betting on multiple results to go your way. The odds can be fantastic though, especially if it’s an underdog.

    There are many more to explore too, with ice hockey almost there will be almost no bet types excluded.

    Ice Hockey Betting Sites vs Field Hockey Betting Sites

    Ice hockey is a variation of the sport field hockey. Field hockey is played on normal terrains and with a ball as opposed to a puck. It is a very popular and widely played sport.

    However, the betting markets are much weaker when it comes to field hockey. This is simply because it’s less popular to watch as a professional sport. Naturally, it doesn't bring in as many bettors.

    Ice hockey and the NHL bring in far more viewers than field hockey but field hockey has much more registered players. Ice hockey isn’t played by as many people because it is largely pushed in colder climates.

    Ice Hockey Betting Sites
    Check icon

    Very wide coverage of tournaments.

    Check icon

    Lots of ice hockey-inspired promotions.

    Check icon

    Competitive odds.

    Check icon

    Great customer service.

    Check icon

    Available to live stream frequently on supporting betting sites.


    Field Hockey Betting Sites
    Cancel icon

    Lesser coverage of tournaments.

    Cancel icon

    Less diverse markets.

    Cancel icon

    No field hockey-inspired promotional periods.

    Cancel icon

    Great customer service.

    Cancel icon

    Very rarely available for live betting and live streaming.


    Overall, we definitely recommend having a bet on ice hockey. If you’ve never taken a previous interest in the sport, learning to bet on it could just be your gateway. There are plenty of diverse markets that allow you to focus on smaller aspects of the game and create more advanced strategies. The sport itself is also fantastic to watch, there’s a lot of action, skill and tension in every game.

    The ice hockey betting sites that you see on our site will all offer you a fantastic betting experience. From simple registration to great bonus bets to amazing markets. Check them out, you won’t regret it!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find ice hockey betting tips? 

    You can find ice hockey tips within some online betting sites themselves or from sites such as Betpack!

    What are the most popular ice hockey events?

    The NHL is by far the most popular ice hockey competition. There are fantastic odds to be found.

    How do ice hockey odds work?

    Ice hockey odds are very similar to any odds, they are based on implied probabilities set by computer algorithms.

    Is there ice hockey in-play betting?

    Yes, the best hockey betting sites will offer in-play betting.

    How to bet on ice hockey?

    There are many different betting strategy options that you can choose to use. We suggest checking out some free tips to start and building your own strategy from there. Do research before you make the first bet!

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