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Welcome to Betpack.co.nz. The Betpack terms and conditions or "the Terms" and "our Terms" pertain to anyone who visits and uses Betpack.co.nz or "the Website," "We," and "Us." If you do not consent to the Terms after reading them, you are advised to stop using the Website. Also, please only use Betpack.co.nz after reading the Terms fully and our Privacy Policy or "the Policy."


Our Terms are organized in several parts, each explaining all you have to know about the proper use of the Website, as well as the allowable uses of the Website. We advise you to spend some time analyzing these parts carefully before deciding to continue using the Website.

Services and Content

Each piece of content posted on the Website, including but not limited to betting guides, tips, predictions, wagering techniques, strategies, odds, imagery, news articles, and other pieces of written and visual content are owned exclusively by Betpack.co.nz, as well as Betpack associates that have the right to claim legal ownership of the content. The reproduction of materials from the Website is not permitted by law and is, in effect, a breach of copyright law. When this happens, the Website will take legal measures against the offender and ask for damage compensation, as well as an apology. The content we post on the Website and the Website itself cannot be considered as offering financial advice. We only provide readers with content that entertains and is of non-monetary nature. Continue reading to learn more about how our content should be used.

Disclaimer of Guarantees


Only you are a liable party when using the Website. All our content is free and so are the services we offer unless we say differently. They can be accessed and consumed by anyone of legal age. Keep in mind that the Website cannot be held responsible and rejects all guarantees concerning the use of our content and subsequent damages coming from said use of the content.

We give no guarantees that the Website will provide you with the quality of content you expect to get or meet your expectations. We also cannot give you any guarantees that the Website will be error-free, and that the content on it will be safe, undisturbed, and timely. It is your obligation to check the validity of the information found on the Website despite what the content or authors might say. So, it is your responsibility to verify the truthfulness of all information on the Website.

We never claim and have never stated that the information we provide can be considered financial advice. It is paramount that you understand that sports analysis and coverage are only entertainment. So, our comprehensive inclusion and examination of sports betting sites is yet another hobby you can partake in. However, we can never and will never be able to provide you with any warranties regarding the advice we give about online bookmakers, their products, or similar services. Please note that the predictions and opinions expressed on the Website are only for entertainment purposes and writers create the content to the best of their abilities but we never claim to provide financial advice.

Users Behaviour

By continuing to use Betpack.co.nz, you agree to only use appropriate behaviour and language while using the Website and forego any demeanour that might tarnish the reputation of Betpack.co.nz or offend other users of the Website. Betpack.co.nz users must respect each other while using the Website and adhere to a polite code of behaviour.

Please keep in mind that as a user of the Website, you have no permission to rearrange or reproduce content without explicit consent in written form from us. Doing that will result in a violation of our copyright laws.

Disrupting or trying to disrupt the Betpack.co.nz service by using malicious software or other methods of destruction is not allowable. Trying to do that both intentionally or by accident will invite an instant legal remedy on the Website's behalf.

By expressing your consent to our Terms, you declare that you understand that Betpack.co.nz cannot offer any guarantees that the Website will be free of spyware, ransomware, or other types of malicious software. It is your obligation to install up-to-date anti-virus software on your device to protect that device, computer, operating platform, or other information against leaks of data or the transfer of malicious content.

Use by Minors 

Minors are not allowed to use Betpack.co.nz , and neither are persons who are not of legal age. We will not accept any registrations from persons who are not of legal age. Each Betpack.co.nz visitor is responsible for complying with this stipulation.

Ending of Access

You express that you are aware that the Website may end your access to the Website if you violate our Terms or other conditions. We hold the right to terminate or discontinue your access to Betpack.co.nz without notifying you in advance.

Following Outbound Links

Betpack writers and contributors could use external links in the content they provide. When you express your consent to use the Website, you also declare that you acknowledge that Betpack.co.nz cannot be held liable for the content you find after following an external link to a third party.

The Website has no responsibility to oversee and scrutinize outbound links as long as content creators feel they help them express their points andas and deem them fitting in a given context.

Users of the Website are responsible for checking the security of these outbound links. If you discover that a link presents a hazard, please let us know by sending us an email and stop using that website. We will immediately look into the issue and delete the link.

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