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iDebit is one of the most popular payment method options around and for good reason. It allows you to pay with your bank account without a lengthy registration process. It is one of the easiest and most efficient third-party payment methods around. iDebit was founded back in 2003 by a man called Charlie Holland in Canada but launched in 2013. There are many great features that make iDebit a great option for banking when betting. We’re here to take you through each and every feature at iDebit betting sites and give you an insight into what makes them a real head-turner.
iDebit Payments, Inc.
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  • You can make deposits into your betting account without sharing any private info.
  • iDebit creates a barrier between a bank account and a betting account.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are both instant at iDebit betting sites.
  • You can use iDebit without the need of signing up for an account.
  • iDebit has an efficient customer service team.


  • It is only available in Canada at this time but hopefully will be introduced in New Zealand too.
  • iDebit is only available with selected banks.
  • iDebit has an overall limited availability.
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  • A wide range of sports betting markets
  • 24/7 Live Chat & Email support available
  • High rewarding VIP/Loyalty program
  • Live streaming feature is not available
  • Jurisdiction restrictions spreading across dozens of countries
  • Phone customer care is not available

Betting Software: Betradar

Odds Margin: 93%

Extra Features: Bonuses, Tournaments, Casino

Payment Methods: ecoPayz, Neteller, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Skrill, Litecoin, Visa, iDebit, MasterCard, Ethereum

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18+ | Gamble responsibly | | T&C

Table of Contents

    Best Betting Sites That Accept iDebit

    We all know that finding the right online betting site can be a tough process. There are so many different ones to choose from that all other fantastic things. Do not worry, though. Here at Betpack, we take a deep dive into every single betting site that we list on our site. We consider all of the primary and secondary factors that make a betting site what it is.

    You can rest assured knowing that all of the betting sites that we recommend will offer great experiences. The only thing that you should be aware of when it comes to iDebit betting sites is that the payment method only works with Canadian banks. Anyhow, it’s a great option for Canadian bettors that are currently residing in New Zealand!

    What is iDebit and How Does It Work?

    iDebit is a payment method that essentially acts as an intermediate between the consumer’s bank account and the merchant. It is available at a large number of online retailers, including sports betting sites. The number of merchants that accept iDebit is vastly growing as is the number of customers.

    The beauty of iDebit is the encryption and privacy. Your bank details are not shared with anyone which gives you complete 100% privacy. This is the driving factor for many to make the switch from other payment methods that involve sharing your card details or bank details. 

    Another great aspect of iDebit is that you are not required to register to use it. You can check out as a guest which eliminates the lengthy registration processes of banks. We would recommend signing up with iDebit as you will have better access to all of the features and it will make things quicker in the future.

    How We Find the Best iDebit Betting Sites

    You may be wondering exactly how we go about finding these betting sites. There are plenty of fraudsters to be aware of in the industry, more than ever before. Always be aware of this when conducting your own searches. Our simple four-step plan will speed up the process and help you find the ideal betting site to suit your needs.


    Identify iDebit betting sites

    The first thing to check off the list is finding all of the iDebit betting sites officially listed iDebit as a payment method. Not every top betting site has iDebit as an option, there are a lot that does, but some of our favourites sadly don’t.


    Check potential limitations

    The next thing to check is potential limitations, there are plenty of these to be aware of in this year. Gambling online is not the same as simply walking into your local bookie with a 10 NZD bill and placing a bet.
    We check the following criteria:
    -Withdrawal limits
    -Deposit limits
    -Transaction speeds
    -Transaction fees.
    We will then chalk off any betting sites that have any silly stipulations.


    Eligibility for bonuses and promotions

    The next thing we look at is the promotions and bonuses that are offered by the iDebit betting site and whether or not iDebit will interfere with the claiming process in any way. Bonuses and promotions are a key aspect of any betting site which is why we take this part very seriously. Luckily, most of the top bookmakers will allow you to claim bonuses with iDebit.


    Analyse Sports Betting Markets

    Finally, we look into the actual sports betting markets that are offered at the iDebit betting sites. This is perhaps the most important part as the reason you’re signing up to a betting site in the first place is to, well, you know… bet. If the markets are naff, then we can quickly eliminate that particular site.

    Facts About iDebit Betting

    Facts About iDebit Betting Facts About iDebit Betting

    Betting with iDebit

    iDebit is a digital payment method that is mainly used for online purchases from retailers, but it has since made a splash in the world of sports betting.bit has many fantastic perks which are why it has become so popular in the betting scene. This includes fully encrypted transactions.

    iDebit is one of those payment methods that has been around since the beginning and it has developed heavily since its original release. They offer a unique service that makes online purchases simple. They are comparable to Apple Pay in a way since both of these payment methods allow for extremely quick deposits directly from your bank account.

    Claiming Welcome Bonuses With iDebit

    We are in a new era of sports betting and there are hundreds of different sports betting sites to choose from all of which will give you the opportunity to wager money on your favourite sports. And what is more, is that all of which will offer welcome bonuses.

    Using iDebit will not affect your ability to claim bonuses at any of the betting sites that we recommend. In fact, it will make things easier. The simplicity of iDebit makes it super easy to claim bonuses. It’s just like a bank transfer but much quicker. Fantastic, right?

    iDebit First Deposit Bonus

    As mentioned prior, when you first register for an iDebit betting site you will be granted with eligibility to claim a first deposit bonus. This is usually rewarded in the format of a free bet, but we’ll get onto those later. First deposit bonuses reward bettors on their first deposit. For example, you could bet 10 NZD and get 30 NZD worth of betting credits in return. 

    Once you have these betting credits, the next thing to do is to spend them and try to make them return real, withdrawable cash. The issue is that a lot of these credits will require you to wager at least 2-3 times before they become withdrawable. Make sure to read the fine print first.

    Free Bets With iDebit

    As promised, we will be discussing free bets. Free bets can be earned at betting sites in a number of different ways. There are multiple different promotion types that will allow you to claim free bets.

    Like the betting credits earned from welcome bonuses, free bets are also credited in the form of non-withdrawable tokens. These can be used in certain markets. The stake itself will not be returned, just the winnings. So if you have a 50 NZD free bet, you can’t just slap it on an odds-on bet and take the 50. There are also minimum odds requirements that stop this.bit will not stop you from, claiming any free bets.

    Reload Deposit Bonuses 

    Free bets and welcome bonuses are not the only type of reward available at iDebit betting sites, You will also be able to claim reload deposit bonuses. If you’ve not heard of these, the premise is very simple.

    During promotional times, bettors will be rewarded for depositing certain amounts of cash and betting on specific markets. You will be rewarded with a refund of your deposit in the form of free betting credits or sometimes even cash!

    Loyalty Programs at iDebit Betting Sites

    Loyalty programs are another massive part of online betting in 2024. A good loyalty program separates the best bookmakers with the not-so-good. The most basic form you’ll see will operate in a similar fashion to any retail loyalty card. You will accumulate points for spending money and you can claim rewards using these points. 

    The other type is much more premium. Some betting sites grant you access to exclusive WhatsApp groups, invites to in-person events and in some cases even a personal gambling advisor. How cool is that! You will need to apply for these kinds of loyalty programs and hope you get accepted.

    How to Register at iDebit Bookmakers

    Registering for a betting site has never been easier. The process may seem daunting at first, but believe us, it is very simple. Follow our four-step process and you’ll be good to go within 5-10 minutes.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Select your iDebit betting site Step 1

    Select your iDebit betting site

    First thing on the agenda is to have a gander at our list and choose a betting site that stands out to you. Feel free to read up more about the betting sites before making a decision. But don’t get too caught up on this part, you can always register to another.

    Click the register/sign-up button and enter the required information Step 2

    Click the register/sign-up button and enter the required information

    Once you have made your choice on which betting site to go with, click on the link from Betpack and you will be transported straight to the registration window. This is where you will need to have the following information at hand: Full name, Date of birth, Mobile number, E-Mail address, Full home address with proof, Proof of ID.

    Select your preferences Step 3

    Select your preferences

    After you have verified your information, you will be ready for the next step which is even easier than the last. This is where you’ll select your personal preferences and begin to customise your betting experience to suit your needs. This is where you will select the way you’d like odds to be formatted and set any deposit limits. We definitely recommend setting a deposit limit, especially if you’re a new bettor.

    Make your first deposit and start betting Step 4

    Make your first deposit and start betting

    After this, you’re in and now comes the final step. Which requires you to link up your iDebit account with your sports betting account. This can be done by selecting iDebit as your payment method and linking your information. It’s very simple. All of your payment information is protected so there is no need to worry about losing it.

    How to Make iDebit Deposits

    IDebit is very easy to grasp, it offers customers an easy and convenient experience. Once you’ve registered and been successfully granted access to the iDebit betting site of your choosing, the next thing you’ll need to do is deposit some cash into your account. Here is how!

    • Step 1: Link your bank account to iDebit.

    • Step 2: Select iDebit as your payment method on the iDebit bookmaker.

    • Step 3: Then you must enter the amount that you wish to deposit. The minimum will be $10.

    • Step 4: Complete iDebit’s authentication process and that's it, you’re good to go! 

    • Step 5: Place that first bet. If you’re unsure of what to bet on, check out some of our guides!

    How to Make iDebit Withdrawals 

    The beauty of iDebit is that it works as a withdrawal method as well as a deposit method. It couldn’t be simpler to use either, to make things easier we have broken it down for you right here.

    • Step 1: Navigate to the finance page at your betting site and click withdraw.

    • Step 2: Select iDebit as your withdrawal method.

    • Step 3: Enter how much money you would like to withdraw.

    • Step 4: Complete the verification process and allow some time and your money will be with you.

    Please note that your funds will not go directly from the betting site to your bank account. You will need to transfer them manually.

    iDebit vs Apple Pay Sportsbooks

    iDebit is a top-of-the-range option for bettors in Canada and soon in many more countries. But is it worth using over a top name like Apple Pay? Well, we’ve stacked them up side by side so you can decide who to go with.

    Check icon

    iDebit offers instant deposits directly from your bank.

    Check icon

    iDebit allows for quick and easy withdrawals.

    Cancel icon

    iDebit currently works only with Canadian banks.

    Check icon

    iDebit has no device locks, it can be used on any device that supports the bookmaker you choose.

    Check icon

    All of your details are kept secure as you do not need to share them with iDebit.


    Apple Pay
    Check icon

    Instant deposits are available with Apple Pay.

    Cancel icon

    Apple Pay does not currently offer withdrawals.

    Check icon

    Using Apple Pay will grant you eligibility to claim any bonuses.

    Cancel icon

    Apple Pay is exclusive to Apple devices so if you run an android you are out of luck.

    Check icon

    Authentication requires you to scan your face or thumb print making it very secure.

    Alternatives to iDebit Betting Sites

    iDebit is a top payment method and we long for the day that it becomes available in New Zealand, but until then, there are many other alternative payment methods for sports betting that offer similar high-quality banking services. 

    Apple Pay

    Apple Pay in recent years has taken the world by storm and rightfully taken a place as one of the most popular ways to handle money in the digital space and in real life.  Being able to make purchases with two simple clicks is extremely useful and secure. It requires you to scan your face or thumb to complete a purchase or enter your passcode. 

    The only real drawback of using Apple Pay betting sites is that you will need to find another withdrawal method.

    Google Pay

    Google Pay is very similar to Apple Pay, except instead of operating on iOS devices, it operates on Google devices such as the Google Pixel and Google Chromebook. It offers the same services that Apple Pay does and has the same availability. Once again you will not be able to withdraw using this method on Google Pay bookmakers. 


    Skrill nowadays has lost some of its popularity, this is thanks to the innovations in the payment methods we have just mentioned, but this isn’t to say it doesn’t have its purposes. It is still one of the most reliable payment methods there is and Skrill betting sites definitely worth a second glance.

    Bank Transfer/Debit Card

    If you’re not interested in using a third party, then you can always stick with the classic and simply use your bank account or bank card. This is still one of the most favourable options. It requires you to share your details with the bookmaker, but this shouldn’t be seen as an issue as all of our recommended sites are encrypted. 

    Top 3 Sports Betting Markets at iDebit Sportsbooks

    When iDebit becomes available in New Zealand, you will no doubt want to get betting right away. All the sportsbooks that we recommend have these markets available: 

    Moneyline Bets

    We begin with the most simple and easy bet of them all. The moneyline bet. This is where you simply choose the individual/team that you think will win an event. You can also bet on a draw.

    Accumulators (Accas/Parlays)

    Next, we have accumulators or parlays. This is by far our favourite type of bet and the majority of bettors would agree with us. It involves betting on multiple things but as one bet. The odds are usually very good, depending on your selections. The catch is that if even one of your selections loses, the whole bet will be a loss. It can be brutal!


    Finally, we have futures or outright betting. This is a fantastic betting type that makes for some fantastic action. It involves the bettor choosing a team or individual to achieve a certain thing in the future. For example, Manchester United to win the Premier League.

    This betting type requires the most research of any and a bit of luck. In sport, things are constantly changing. There are loads of moving pieces.

    iDebit Betting Summary

    iDebit is a fantastic payment method for sports betting that is super quick and easy to use. There is a reason that Canadians love it so much. It allows for instant transactions on iDebit betting sites with no bank information being shared. The guest option allows bettors to take advantage of the service without signing up, which is just great. 

    Unfortunately, iDebit is unavailable in New Zealand for sports betting. We aren starting to see them slowly expand to new regions and we hope that they begin to become more available soon.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do a lot of bookmakers accept iDebit?

    No, unfortunately, not many of the top NZ bookies currently offer iDebit.

    Can I claim bonuses with iDebit?

    Of course, you can! All iDebit betting sites allow you to claim bonuses.

    Is iDebit safe?

    Yes! iDebit is securely encrypted and 100% safe and the iDebit betting sites we list on Betpack all have valid licences from reputable institutions.

    Is iDebit available worldwide?

    iDebit is sadly not available Worldwide, it is most prominent in Canada.

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