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Pay by Mobile betting sites in NZ let you deposit instantly but pay later through your mobile carrier bill. With Pay by Mobile, you can also keep track of your deposits and stay on top of each cent you spend. The low deposit limits will probably only work for bettors on a budget, though. Keep reading to learn more about Pay by Mobile bookmakers and find the best pay by phone sportsbooks in NZ.
Payment types
No withdrawal


  • Instant deposits.
  • You don’t reveal any banking info when depositing.
  • A detailed record of deposits.
  • Get credit card perks without actually having a credit card.
  • Multi-factor authentication of payments.


  • You cannot withdraw your winnings with Pay by Mobile.
  • Maximum deposit limits are on the low side.
  • There aren’t many Pay by Mobile betting sites.
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Table of Contents

    Best Betting Sites That Accept Pay by Mobile in New Zealand

    The best Pay by Mobile betting sites in NZ have everything you need. They offer a wide range of markets, enticing bonuses, and competitive odds. Pay by phone perks are not in short supply either. So how can you find these first-class Pay by Mobile sportsbooks? 

    At Betpack, we put Pay by Mobile bookmakers through a battery of tests. The best bookies that knock the ball out of the park get top marks and a spot on our list of top-quality Pay by Mobile bookmakers. Make sure to check them out and see if they got what you need.

    What is Pay by Mobile and How Does It Work?

    As the name implies, Pay by Mobile lets you pay and deposit online via your phone bill. Pay by Mobile phone carriers process online payments, and if you are on a mobile contract, you can make online purchases or pay for services by adding the charges to your mobile phone bill. If you use top-up and pay-as-you-go SIM cards, you can use Pay by Mobile too. However, in that case, the charges are taken from your prepaid balance.

    With Pay by Mobile payments, you don’t pay through your bank account or credit and debit cards associated with it. Instead, your mobile services provider pays for you and records those transactions. At the end of the billing cycle, you cover all expenses you have incurred through your phone bill. 

    How Do We Find the Best Pay by Mobile Bookmakers in NZ?

    Pay by Mobile betting sites are not easy to find. That goes double when looking for the best pay by phone sportsbooks in New Zealand. That’s where we come in. We analyse Pay by Mobile betting sites and look at everything they offer. When we like a sportsbook, we review it and feature it on our site. This is how we do it.


    Go Through the Licence Info

    Licences are crucial when betting online and are integral in our evaluations of Pay by Mobile bookies. To make sure that we list reliable bookies, we always compare licence info directly with the regulator.


    Check Out Markets and Odds

    Next, we scan all the betting markets on offer. We check both pre-game and in-play wagering options and don’t forget to analyse the odds they come with. If we like what we see, we shortlist Pay by Mobile bookies and continue to examine them.


    Analyse Bonuses

    The best Pay by Mobile bookies will give you all the bonuses you can handle. However, not all Pay by Mobile sportsbooks accept Pay by Mobile for promos. We analyse bonuses to help you find the first and avoid the second type of bookie.


    Authorise and Recommend

    Once we are sure we have examined each Pay by Mobile sportsbook in NZ, we rate it. We sign off on the best Pay by Mobile bookmakers and discard the inferior ones. That’s the only way we can earn your trust.

    Facts About Pay by Mobile Betting

    Facts About Pay by Mobile Betting Facts About Pay by Mobile Betting

    Betting with Pay by Mobile

    Pay by Mobile bookmakers facilitate instant deposits. The great thing about these deposits is that you don’t need a bank account or credit card to make them. That also means you don’t share sensitive financial info with the betting site. With Pay by Mobile, you benefit from multi-factor authentication and can see exactly how much you spend too. The biggest problem with Pay by Mobile is that you cannot withdraw your winnings with it. The low deposit limits will be another issue if you are a high-stakes bettor.

    Instant and Secure Deposits

    Most bettors that choose Pay by Mobile betting sites do that for two reasons - instant deposits and secure transactions. All Pay by Mobile deposits land on your betting account the moment you initiate them.

    However, the level of security is even more impressive. First of all, Pay by Mobile uses several layers of protection, including an SMS authentication of each transaction. Also, when you deposit with Pay by Mobile, you don’t reveal any banking info. 

    The mobile operator handles the transfer, so the betting site doesn’t see any financial information. Lastly, because it is the mobile operator that initiates and completes the transaction, your deposit is even more secure. As you know, mobile service providers have all the resources and people to make sure transactions are protected at all stages of the transfer.

    Pay by Mobile Helps Budget Management

    If you are looking for a payment method that will log each deposit you make, Pay by Mobile will be perfect for you. The mobile operator records each transaction you initiate, and you get a list of all your sportsbook deposits with your mobile phone bill.

    Pay by Mobile deposit limits will also help you stay within the means of your betting bankroll. Because Pay by Mobile has low deposit limits, it is ideal for bettors on a budget. The low deposit ceiling may not be perfect for high-stakes punters, but it is optimal for punters with moderate bankrolls.

    The cap on max deposits is also important because of the bet-now-pay-later nature of Pay by Mobile. Like credit cards, with this type of payment method, you risk going in the red if you spend beyond your means. However, the deposit limits that may be a problem for high-rollers are there to help the bettor on a budget. With them, you cannot spend too much and will avoid the temptation to deposit more than you can afford.

    Pay by Mobile Bonuses

    When you pay at the best Pay by Mobile betting sites in New Zealand, you can get bonuses with your pay-by-phone deposits. However, if you join a second-rate sportsbook, you might not be allowed to claim promos with the payment method. So, it is crucial you join the best pay-by-phone bookmakers and always read the terms and conditions of the bonuses they offer. Read on to learn more about the promos you can claim.

    Welcome Bonus Offers

    The first promo a sportsbook will give you is the welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are awarded to new players that register with Pay by Mobile sites and make their first deposit. That’s why they are also called first deposit bonus offers.

    To claim these promos, you need to make a qualifying deposit i.e. meet the minimum deposit amount and deposit with a payment method that’s not excluded from the bonus. You must check if Pay by Mobile deposits will trigger the welcome bonus.

    After that, see how long you have to use the bonus. Also, check if you need to place a qualifying bet to get your bonus funds and whether the bonus comes with wagering requirements. If you cover all of these things, you will know what it takes to get your bonus money and make the most of them.

    Free Bets

    Free bet promos are super-popular with NZ bettors, and for good reason. They let you wager with bet credits the bookmaker gives you. That means you can place riskier bets and go for bigger winnings. If you win, you will get massive returns without spending any money. And if you lose, that’s not much of a problem, as, once again, it wasn’t your money that was on the line.

    As with welcome bonuses, to qualify for Pay by Mobile free bets, you need to meet the terms of the bonus. The most important requirement is to see if Pay by Mobile deposits will activate the promo. Next, see what makes a qualifying bet (minimum odds, min number of selections, betting markets available, etc). Also, learn how to meet play through conditions. 

    If you meet all these conditions, you should have no problem getting your free bet credits and withdrawing the winnings you obtain with them.

    Risk-Free Bet Promos

    Risk-free bets are similar to free bet promos but not as common. They are sort of a safety net in case your bet loses. In other words, they are only activated when there is a losing wager.

    To make the most of a risk-free bet, you must place a qualifying bet first. That means checking if Pay by Mobile is accepted for the promo and depositing with it. Then you meet all the other conditions (min odds, selections, etc.). If that qualifying bet wins, you won’t claim the bonus, as you will be able to withdraw your winnings. However, if you lose, the bookmaker will give you your stake back.

    Now, most bookmakers will give you your bet stake back in the form of free bet credits. In other words, you won’t be able to cash out the bet credits but can bet with them. Of course, some bookies might return the stake directly to your account balance as real cash.

    Whatever the method of return, with risk-free bets, you minimize the risk of losing. That, in turn, results in more educated bets not guided by emotion and the fear of losing.

    Reload Deposit Bonus Offers

    You can get a matched deposit bonus with your first deposit. You can also get them with subsequent deposits, provided you activate a reload deposit bonus. Reload bonuses are available during promotional periods, such as big sports events or festive seasons. 

    So, if you make a qualifying Pay by Mobile deposit during those periods, and meet all other conditions, you will get bonus credits. As we mentioned, the bookie will usually match your deposit. It will give you as much bonus money as the cash you deposited or a predetermined percentage of your deposit amount (50%, 60%, etc.).

    How to Register at Pay by Mobile Bookmakers

    Pay by Mobile betting sites attract peace-of-mind-seeking bettors. If you are one of them, though, you first need to register a betting account. Here’s how you can join a Pay by Mobile betting site.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Pick a Reliable Bookie Step 1

    Pick a Reliable Bookie

    First, select a reliable Pay by Mobile bookmaker from our list of trustworthy betting sites that accept Pay by Mobile.

    Check T&Cs Step 2

    Check T&Cs

    Next, read the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. Also, while you are there read the welcome bonus T&Cs and see if you can claim it with Pay by Mobile.

    Follow the Sign-Up Guide Step 3

    Follow the Sign-Up Guide

    Now click the Sign Up button and follow the registration instructions. Make sure to create a strong password and enter all the info that’s required.

    Verify the Account Step 4

    Verify the Account

    The last thing you need to do is to provide a copy of an identification document. You might also be required to upload a copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement.

    How to Make Pay by Mobile Deposits?

    Pay by Mobile deposits are pretty straightforward. If your mobile operator works with the Pay by Mobile service, you will fund your sports betting account in no time. Here’s how you can make Pay by Mobile deposits in five simple steps.

    • Step 1: Sign into your online betting account and navigate to the Deposit menu.

    • Step 2: Enter the amount you want to transfer.

    • Step 3: Choose Pay by Mobile as your deposit option.

    • Step 4: Authorize the payment by entering the SMS code you get from your mobile operator.

    • Step 5: Your funds should get to your betting account instantly. You can now start betting.

    Pay by Mobile vs PayPal Sportsbooks

    Pay by Mobile is a great sportsbook payment method. However, it is not the only banking option. The best sportsbooks in New Zealand work with a wide range of payment systems, and PayPal is one of the most sought-after options. Let’s compare Pay by Mobile and PayPal sportsbooks and find the perfect one for you.

    Pay by Mobile Sportsbooks
    Check icon

    Pay by Mobile facilitates instant deposits.

    Check icon

    Deposits are secure because you don’t share any banking info.

    Cancel icon

    You cannot withdraw your winnings using Pay by Mobile.

    Check icon

    You don’t need a bank account or credit/debit card to bet.

    Cancel icon

    The maximum deposit limits are quite low at Pay by Mobile betting sites.

    Cancel icon

    There are not many Pay by Mobile sportsbooks out there.

    Check icon

    Pay by Mobile lets you bet now and pay later.


    PayPal Sportsbooks
    Check icon

    All PayPal sportsbook deposits are instant.

    Check icon

    PayPal lets you deposit using your email, so you don’t leave any sensitive banking information behind.

    Check icon

    PayPal facilitates sportsbook withdrawals.

    Check icon

    You can fund your PayPal using bank transfer, as well as Visa, Mastercard, and Amex cards.

    Check icon

    PayPal bookmakers have flexible deposit and withdrawal limits.

    Check icon

    PayPal betting sites are easy to find.

    Cancel icon

    You must have funds in your PayPal account to deposit at sportsbooks.

    Pay by Mobile Experiences 

    Anthony: "Been depositing with Pay by Mobile for a couple of months now, and have experienced no glitches so far. The low deposit limits are a bit annoying, but you can always choose a different deposit method."

    Tess: “Depositing now and paying at the end of the month was why I chose Pay by Mobile for betting. However, using a different payment method as a withdrawal option is slightly time-consuming.”

    Mobile Compatibility at Pay by Mobile Bookmakers

    Owning a mobile device is a prerequisite to joining Pay by Mobile betting sites. After all, you cannot deposit with Pay by Mobile if you don’t use the services of a mobile phone operator. Pay by Mobile bookmakers are compatible with mobile devices, and, often, joining a mobile sportsbook is the best option for NZ bettors.

    You can join all Betpack pay-by-phone bookies via a mobile device. Some pay-by-phone sportsbooks have a dedicated mobile betting app, while others optimize their desktop sites to be accessed via mobile browsers. Betting apps are great because they give you special perks like mobile-only bonuses. Mobile-optimised sportsbook sites, on the other hand, require no app downloads which is nice when you are low on device memory.

    Most bettors at pay-by-phone bookmakers in NZ use a mobile device. And that makes perfect sense. It is much easier to deposit and bet using the same device. Because you must use a mobile device to deposit at pay-by-phone sportsbooks, placing bets at that bookmaker via the same device will save you time and energy.

    Alternatives to Pay by Mobile Bookmakers

    Pay by Mobile bookmakers come with unique benefits, such as letting you deposit without using a bank account. Depositing now and paying later is a great thing to have too. However, Pay by Mobile also has a couple of drawbacks. To compensate for these disadvantages, you can check out some of the alternative payment methods listed below.


    Paysafecard is a prepaid card that lets you deposit completely anonymously. When you join the best Paysafecard betting sites in NZ, you can also control how much you spend because Paysafecard offers various denominations. Most bonuses will be available to you too. Unfortunately, like Pay by Mobile, Paysafecard has low deposit limits. It also doesn’t support withdrawals.


    Boku is a pay-by-phone payment option. That means it lets you deposit now and pay at the end of the billing cycle. It also allows you to deposit without sharing your banking info with the bookmaker because the top Boku bookmakers in NZ let you bet without having a bank account. On the downside, Boku is notal if you want to use one payment method for everything, as it doesn’t facilitate withdrawals. It is also plagued by the same low deposit limits as Pay by Mobile.


    If you want to deposit and withdraw using the same payment option, why not go with Ethereum? The crypto payment method facilitates instant deposits. More impressively, when you join the best Ethereum betting sites in New Zealand, you also get instant withdrawals. With Ethereum, you wager relatively anonymously and benefit from its bullet-proof network security protocols. Unfortunately, for Ethereum, you will also need to buy some coins first and find a reliable crypto wallet. So, the logistics are a bit more complicated than Pay by Mobile.

    Google Pay

    Google Pay is a top-notch wallet that lets you deposit instantly and securely using one of the multiple credit/debit cards you add. The great thing about Google Pay bookmakers in NZ is that you use a banking card to deposit but don’t share your banking info because Google Pay handles the deposit. On the negative side, Google Pay is never a withdrawal option at online betting sites, meaning you will have to find an alternative for payouts.

    Pay by Mobile Betting Summary

    Want to bet now and cover your betting spend later? Credit cards are one option, of course. If you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use it, nothing beats Pay by Mobile. At Pay by Mobile sportsbooks, you deposit instantly but pay at the end of the month or billing cycle. Also, you benefit from added security thanks to the multi-factor authentication of payments and the fact that the mobile operator, usually a large company with vast resources, uses state-of-the-art security technology.

    However, Pay by Mobile has its faults. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t let you withdraw your winnings. Another disadvantage of the payment method is that you cannot deposit large amounts of money because of the low maximum deposit limits.

    That said, if you join the best Pay by Mobile betting sites in New Zealand, getting a bang for your buck is guaranteed. However, you need to find these top pay-by-phone sportsbooks first. And we help you with that. Pick one of the Pay by Mobile bookies we feature and experience the advantages of pay-by-phone betting first-hand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How fast are Pay by Mobile deposits?

    Pay by Mobile deposits are instant. The moment you authenticate the transaction, the mobile operator sends the money to your sportsbook account.

    Can I withdraw my winnings with Pay by Mobile?

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the payment method, you cannot withdraw your sportsbook winnings using Pay by Mobile.

    How to find the best Pay by Mobile betting site in NZ?

    There are two ways to do this. You can look for the best Pay by Mobile betting site yourself. But that’s hard and time-consuming. The other way is to go with the betting sites we feature. These sportsbooks are expert-vetted and are the best pay-by-phone bookies in NZ.

    Can I get free bets with Pay by Mobile?

    It depends. Some bookmakers will let you claim bonuses and free bets with your Pay by Mobile deposits, while some won’t. Read the terms and conditions of free bet promos to know which free bets can be claimed with Pay by Mobile.

    Is Pay by Mobile a secure deposit option?

    Yes, it is. The payment method uses a multi-factor verification of payments. Each transaction is overseen by your mobile operator, adding another layer of security.

    Are there any Pay by Mobile fees?

    You have to check with your mobile phone operator to see if you will incur any fees when depositing with Pay by Mobile.

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