Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

The world of sport has been able to go hand-in-hand with betting as the desire for fans to get more involved with the sports and teams they love has increased. This has seen the number of bookmakers across the world increase massively, with the battle to become among the best sports betting sites in New Zealand one that is ensuring bettors in the country are spoiled for choice when looking to bet.

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Table of Contents

    In this guide to the best sports betting sites in New Zealand, we will take a look at the top online sports betting sites and what they can offer you. We will look at the betting markets and betting odds at the best online betting sites, the free bets and bonus bets available to you, how to register, and much more.

    Best Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    The best betting site in New Zealand will invariably depend on the sports betting options you deem most important. For example, the sports betting scene for cricket will be different from when you bet online with NBA betting sites.

    In this guide, we will show you how to uncover the best sports site for your own style of play. If you are looking to bet on the horses and cricket betting, then your ideal betting options will differ from someone looking for gambling sites that are the best for tennis and football betting.

    In this guide, you will learn how to figure out how different sports and features work and what to look out for when it comes to making the right choice when gambling.

    How We Choose the Best Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    Choosing the top sports betting sites for the best sports betting experience for you is vital to your enjoyment of the new sports betting sites on offer. Below, we have created a list of things we look for when we are testing gambling sites, with each step ensuring we can accurately identify the top betting site options that are available to you.


    We Follow the News & Reviews

    While you should not always believe every word that is written, it is always important to look into the experiences of sports bettors when they come to betting with online betting NZ sites. Alongside this, it is important to know how live betting online sportsbooks are faring in the real world too, so we always do our best to keep up with the latest news for these sites.


    We Do Background Checks

    Much like when it comes to reviewing anything, we try to ensure that we have done a deep dive into any sports betting site that we are looking at. Online sportsbooks are very well regulated in modern betting, with the safe and reliable sites licenced and regulated by the relevant authority. We conduct our own checks of the online sportsbooks that are on offer to you so that we can ensure you only get the best sportsbook options available to you.


    We Check the Variety of the Sports Event

    Now that we know an online bookmaker is safe, we can take a look at the sports betting experience you will get. Our experts take a look at the live betting and prematch offerings for sporting events, as the available sports betting market options are key to you enjoying a range of ways to bet on the biggest and smallest sports.


    We Check Bookmaker Terms & Conditions

    Whether it's how to unlock a deposit bonus, how sports betting apps work when betting, the wagering requirements of online sports betting bonuses, or something else, our experts make sure to look into the finer details of online gambling sites.


    We Place Bets and Deposit

    Finally, our experts get down to betting and enjoy the site in the same way you would. Online sports betting options need to provide you with a safe and secure place to bet on your favourite options, and our experts are the same as you when it comes to playing with a bookie that is trustworthy. We use the top betting site options to check to see how easy it is to place a bet, how depositing with the online sportsbook works, if the sports betting odds are competitive, and more.

    How to Bet on Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    When you come to signing up and using one of the sports betting sites that are offered to you, it can quickly feel like an overwhelming task just to place a bet for the first time with any online sports betting site. Below, we have created a quick guide to betting with the best online betting sites and what you can do to ensure you enjoy your online betting site of choice.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Choose a Bookmaker Step 1

    Choose a Bookmaker

    Your first mission when you come to bet online is to find the right online sportsbook and online betting site for you. You need to take into account the betting odds with the betting site, the free bets and welcome bonus with the online sportsbook, betting features, and more. Once you have decided which of the online betting sites is the one for you, click on the verified link, which will take you to the online sports betting site.

    Register and Verify Your Account Step 2

    Register and Verify Your Account

    Once you land on the homepage of the online sports betting site, you need to click on the register, sign up, or join button. This will take you to the registration page. Here, you need to enter important details, including your name, address, email address, and more, to create your account. At this point, you will usually need to opt into the welcome bonus you want to unlock with your online sports betting site. Confirm your account, verify it via your mobile or email, and your account is ready to go.

    Choose the Game Step 3

    Choose the Game

    Your next task is to pick which games and sports you want to bet on with your online betting sites of choice. Sports betting can be a very cluttered place to be as there are so many sports, competitions, and matches to use your free bets or welcome offer on. Many bettors will look to head to online sports betting sites wanting to wager on a specific sport. We recommend having a good look around your online sports betting sites markets and odds for any sport you might like to bet on. From here, you can make the decision on how you want to bet with the best NZ betting sites.

    Claim a Bonus and Start Betting! Step 4

    Claim a Bonus and Start Betting!

    Claim your free bets or welcome bonus when betting online. This is an important step that many new bettors miss. Whether this is because they do not fully understand the terms and conditions, do not want free bets, or do not realise there are welcome bonus offers available, missing this opportunity is not advised. We suggest that you take a look at which welcome offers are best to use when you bet online and look into the terms and conditions before accepting one. From here, you can enjoy the top sports betting sites and all they have to offer.

    Tips for Using Online Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    When you come to using the top sports betting sites in New Zealand, we recommend that you take your time to really work out how best to use that site. After all, there is no point in using the best bookmaker in the world incorrectly, as this will not give you a particularly good betting experience.

    With this in mind, we have noted down a few things you should do to ensure you have the best experience when you come to bet with the top sites in New Zealand.

    Check Terms and Conditions

    Nobody really likes reading the small print, but it is so important to ensure you do it. This is particularly true for offers and payment methods. For offers, you need to ensure you adhere to all of the relevant requirements to be able to unlock the bonus in full. This means you need to know about the wagering requirements, minimum odds, what markets you can bet on, how much you need to deposit, and more.

    For payment methods, you need to know about minimum and maximum depositing and withdrawing amounts, if there are specific payment methods that are blocked on your site of choice, what fees apply, how long payments take, and more. Understanding the finer details when it comes to betting is incredibly important, and those details do not get any more granular than the terms and conditions of your site.

    You don't have to sign up with just one bookmaker

    Some newer bettors tend to stick with one site, as they find that keeping their betting all in one place makes things easier for them. Others prefer to have one betting account as they do not want multiple accounts with different bookies, meaning they have a lot of passwords to try to remember. However, more experienced bettors will often create an account with a few bookmakers, which is completely legal to do. By doing this, these bettors are able to enjoy the new customer offers their sites can give them while also making the most of the features they offer.

    Many players decide to use multiple betting sites so they can get the best betting odds for their sport of choice. After all, one betting site will not likely have the best betting odds for each and every football match that is happening. This means that it is important to have the ability to switch between bookmakers so that you can make the most of these odds, markets, offers, and more.

    Enjoy the features

    The prominence of the internet when it comes to betting has brought about some huge changes to the way we can wager. Gone are the days where you had to go to a brick-and-mortar betting establishment and kick back and watch to see if your bet had won. Now, you can get involved from the comfort of your own home and enjoy the glut of features that your betting site has to offer.

    This will range from live betting and live streaming to their swath of odds and bet builders. Ultimately, your betting site of choice should give you a number of ways to bet and enhance your experience. Some customers only look to bookmakers when they wager, while others love watching and betting with a bookmaker's live streaming capabilities. When you come to choosing your betting site of choice, you will be shown all of the available features at each site. This is your chance to figure out which ones are most important to you. We recommend you take your time as you look to ensure your betting experience is as good as it possibly can be.

    Review the offers

    As mentioned, you do not have to sign up with one single betting site. Instead, you can register with a number of bookies, ensuring you have the best experience by switching back and forth between the options that are available to you.

    Many bettors will look to prioritise which site they bet with by ranking their offers. This can be a viable way to break any ties between a selection of betting sites if you believe they are completely evenly matched otherwise. You should look at how generous the welcome offer is, how much you need to deposit or wager, the time limit, and other wagering requirements. Sometimes, a betting site can offer a very generous welcome offer, but the wagering requirements are incredibly awkward, meaning you will struggle to truly enjoy the offer. Make sure that a new or existing customer offer gives you the flexibility and funds to enjoy your betting.

    Popular Sports to Bet on at New Zealand Sports Betting Sites

    The top sites in New Zealand will offer a huge range of ways to bet on the biggest and smallest sports in the world. Of course, sports like football and horse racing will appear on most sites, but the best bookies will also give you in-depth betting markets for sports like volleyball, table tennis, and even politics.

    Below, we have brought together a few of the most popular sports in New Zealand and noted down which are the biggest betting opportunities in those sports. While you do not always have to bet on the major events and competitions, they are a goodng place for those looking to cut their teeth when it comes to wagering on a new sport.


    The best football wagering sites will offer a range of ways to bet on the biggest and smallest club and international teams and tournaments in the world. The English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League are two of the most popular club competitions to bet on. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world and gets a lot of betting interest.

    Football gambling itself is incredibly popular because the markets are really easy to understand and get involved with. In conjunction with this, you will be hard pressed to find a weekend where there isn't some form of football happening somewhere in the world. This means that football bettors are able to get their fill whether there is a summer or winter break ongoing in their home country.

    Horse Racing

    Horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on, and for very good reason. Some of the most popular sports events in the world are related to horse racing. In the UK, the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National are two examples.

    Unlike football, horse racing betting markets can be a little confusing at first. However, if you sit down and do a little research or read the tips of a pro, then you will quickly get up to speed. The best horse racing betting sites will give you a swathe of betting markets and competitive odds for the biggest events and races all over the world, while you can even get horse racing-specific betting markets and features with some bookies. We recommend signing up with a bookie that provides live streaming of horse racing events too, as watching as you bet helps to make things even more exciting.

    American Football

    American Football has been able to grow in popularity very quickly, with the sport's betting presence being a strong one with many sites. In the United States, the NFL is still the best football league. Both longtime fans and newcomers watch the Super Bowl, which marks the end of the NFL season.

    Betting markets for American football tend to be fairly easy to understand, although you may want to read up on passing yards, running yards, touchdowns, and more to become a real expert. The best American football betting sites will give you a range of ways to bet, helping to ensure your experience is as interesting and varied as possible.


    The best tennis betting sites will give you access to markets for the biggest slams in the game, including the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. Each of the Grand Slam events brings in huge viewership, with the best on the men's and women's sides of the game coming together to battle for supremacy.

    Tennis stars like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal have been in the news for years, and their achievements have already made them legends of the sport.However, with Federer retired and the other two now in the twilight of their careers, there is a real sense of a new dawn in the game. While Djokovic and Nadal are still winning titles, there is more scope for players outside of the legendary trio to win titles, with this seeing the betting markets become even more popular.


    Volleyball may not be one of the biggest sports across the world, but it is popular in New Zealand. In fact, the best volleyball betting sites have attracted a lot of serious bettors who want to be able to bet on both the biggest and smallest events in the game.

    Among the most popular competitions are the Olympic Games, the FIVB World Championship, the FIVB World Cup, the FIVB Volleyball Nations League, and more. There is no shortage of action happening in the world of volleyball, and the best sports betting sites will usually give their customers a number of ways to bet on those events.


    Esports may be the newest of any of the sports listed here, but it has quickly created a huge following for itself. Betting on the biggest eSports will see you wagering on Call of Duty, League of Legends, CS:GO, FIFA, and Overwatch, among others.

    The markets for these eSports will differ, with FIFA having similar markets to real-life football in the sense that you can bet on match winners and goals scored. For Call of Duty and other first-person shooters, you will have to bet on the map winner, which is similar to the match winner in a sense. Betting on the biggest Esports has been able to become very popular as there are so many ways to watch as you bet, with streaming services like Twitch and YouTube available free of charge.


    The best handball betting sites will provide players with a range of ways to bet on major tournaments like the World Championship, the Common Wealth Games, and the Olympic Games, where handball features prominently.

    As with most other sports, the best handball betting sites will provide you with a range of ways to bet and competitive odds. You can also enjoy a great variety of features with these bookmakers, and most of their offers are also good for betting on handball.

    Ice Hockey

    The NHL remains the big league in terms of betting on ice hockey, with people all over the world doing their best to watch and bet on the competition. The Stanley Cup is the final match in which the top teams from the National Hockey Association (NHA) and the winner of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) lock horns. The World Cup of Hockey is also a major draw when it comes to the sport, with the best ice hockey betting sites all providing a range of markets and great odds for the sport.

    Things to Avoid in Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    While you can slowly learn little steps that will help you become a better gambler as you play with the best online betting site options, it is vital that you are aware of some of the pitfalls of betting with NZ betting sites. Our experts are ardent gamblers themselves, so they have been in your shoes before. Below, they have created a few key things to avoid when you come to play with any online betting site.

    Little-known bookmakers

    One-trick bookmakers

    Chasing your losses

    Betting with your heart

    The temptation when finding the best NZ betting sites, or any betting site in the world, can be to sign up with little-known NZ betting sites that are not actually safe. Bettors sign up for betting sites believing they will receive generous welcome offers, the best odds, and great features, only to regret it later. This is why so many choose to bet with our recommendations, as we will never recommend a betting site that does not tick all of the boxes for us. No site is seen as one of the best betting sites unless it adheres to our high standards, with this aimed at giving you the best possible experience and protecting your money, details, and time.

    This is a really frustrating thing that many new bettors ignore. They see NZ betting sites that only offer sports betting markets for football and decide that they will only ever bet on the beautiful game. However, they soon get bored of wagering on the same sports betting markets on football and want to change, only to find that the NZ betting sites do not offer the best odds for other sports. Some New Zealand sports betting sites do not even offer an alternative to football betting, let alone the best odds for other sports. When you come to signing up, ensure your NZ sports betting sites provide you with a good range of sports betting markets and the best odds for a number of sports.

    Once you have your pick of the best betting sites, we recommend you always remember to never chase your losses. If you have lost a few bets, we recommend taking some time out from betting just to get some air. You can then return with a fresh outlook on the offerings of the best betting sites. Pursuing your losses is a terrible strategy that can result in financial hardship.Always bet with a clear head and only bet with money you can afford to lose on sports betting apps.

    Another major tip when using a betting site is to ensure you bet smart. Many bettors will wager on their favourite sports teams at the best betting sites even though they are not worth backing. Betting with your heart with sports betting apps can cloud your judgement and lead you to place bets you would not otherwise make. Many choose to shy away from betting on their team with betting apps, as this means they will bet using their head rather than their heart.

    Most Common Bonuses You Can Find at Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    When you come to signing up with a sports betting site, you should always take a look at the bonuses that are on offer to you. A welcome bonus can help to swell your available playing pot massively, giving you more scope to place bets and enjoy all that the best betting sites can offer you.

    Below, we have noted down some of the most popular customer offers the best betting sites will likely offer you, how they can be unlocked on your New Zealand betting apps of choice, how they work when sports betting, and more.

    Welcome Offers

    Welcome offers are the big ones when it comes to signing up with a sports betting site. As the name would suggest, you get a welcome offer when you join a site. You will invariably need to register with your site of choice by filling out a registration form with your name, address, email address, and more. Once you have confirmed and verified your account, you can then try to unlock the welcome offer.

    A welcome offer will usually be a free bet such as Bet $10, Get $10, or a matched deposit offer, like 100% up to $100. The free bet will see you needing to deposit a certain amount to get a certain amount in free bets back. A sports bookmaker will match your deposit up to a certain amount. Both offers have specific deposit requirements, wagering requirements, time limits, and payment method restrictions. These are generally easy to adhere to, but you need to ensure you know what they are so you can abide by them.

    Free Bets

    The most common offer that a New Zealand sports betting app will give its customers is a free bet. This type of deposit bonus sees sports bettors get a free bet to use with their live betting or pre-match sports bets. Free bets usually come in the form of bet $10, get $10. This means that you have to sign up with a New Zealand sports betting site to unlock their free bet sports betting bonus. From here, you need to deposit a specific amount, in this scenario, $10, to then be given $10 in free bet credits.

    This is the most popular promotion for sports betting, and you can use the free bet on most sports betting markets. With a free bet or other sports betting bonus, you can add to your playing pot by putting in a certain amount. Always check to see if your NZ sports betting site offers a competitive free bet offering, with those bettors that join the free bet club for sporting events rarely regretting it.

    Reload Bonus

    A reload bonus is quite similar to a matched deposit bonus. A player will simply deposit money into their account, which is the reloading element. The percentage a player can claim back will often be as high as 150%, with the reload bonus letting the player claim a certain percentage of those funds as a bonus. The reload bonus itself is seen as a viable way to increase your playing pot when it comes to wagering with the best bookies. Some bookmakers are able to really stand out from the crowd when it comes to how generous their reload bonus amount can be and what percentage they offer to their new customers.

    No Deposit Bonus

    The no-deposit bonus is the most elusive of all the offers that you can use with international sports betting markets on a range of sporting events. Most people that review sports betting sites will get very excited when they see a no deposit bonus as it does not require a player to deposit on a site before unlocking a bonus.

    In theory, this is the best offer, as you do not need to deposit to get a bonus. However, you will almost always have to sign up with that New Zealand sports betting app, and the bonus value will not usually be particularly generous and will have sports wagering requirements that can make it tough to withdraw the bonus amount.


    Cashback is a type of bonus that NZ sports betting sites offer to all types of players, but it is usually best used by newer bettors. The idea behind it is that if your bookie is offering $10 cashback on a specific bet, if your bet loses, they will refund your stake up to $10 in free bet credits.

    This is great for novice New Zealand bettors, as they can learn from their mistakes. If they place the wrong bet, their New Zealand sports betting app will provide them with a free sports bet that can be used on a range of gambling markets, like horse racing betting, football betting options, or a number of other markets at top betting sites in NZ.

    This sort of bonus bet is not always ideal for a more experienced bettor, as they will not plan on losing their bets and instead want a free bet amount to use with popular sports on live betting in New Zealand.

    Crypto Offers

    Crypto offers are provided by bookmakers in countries like the UK and New Zealand, along with different cities like Florida, for those that want to couple crypto payments with their online sports betting experience. Some New Zealand betting options have made it tough for players to unlock free bets using crypto, despite it being one of the viable legal payment options for sports betting.

    Some betting sites NZ will go out of their way to offer free bets or odds boosts to their crypto players much in the same way they would if a player was using mobile betting sites for horse racing. There are positives and negatives to using crypto to fund your account, so it is up to you to decide whether being able to unlock crypto specific offers with your New Zealand betting sites is good or not.

    Pros & Cons of New Zealand Sports Betting Sites



    • Betting sites in New Zealand offer all of the major and minor sports you have come to expect from your bookie.
    • Sports like horse racing and football are given brilliant betting options and free bets by your favourite betting sites in New Zealand.
    • The top NZ betting sites will offer brilliant features like live streaming, bet builders, competitive odds, great offers, and much more.
    • The biggest events in the world of sport are usually offered on the top betting sites in New Zealand.


    • International betting sites can often offer better odds for specific events.
    • There are a few bookies that are not available as NZ betting sites.
    • Some NZ betting site options have limited supported payment methods, while others can be miserly with the odds they offer.

    Betting on Traditional Events vs Betting on eSports

    Traditional sporting events have always had their place on the biggest bookmaker sites, as the desire to bet on the top football teams, horses, or athletes in the world of sport has only grown. The newest sector in the world of betting is eSports, and the ability to wager on the top video games and players is now something that draws in a huge crowd. Below, we have compared the two sectors of betting, what they can provide you with, and which is better.

    Traditional Sports
    Check icon

    Almost every betting offer is either geared towards or compatible with sports betting.

    Check icon

    Most people have a favourite sport to play or watch, and it is easy to take this knowledge into the world of betting on that sport.

    Check icon

    Excellent features like live streaming, bet builders, and acca builders have been created to enhance your enjoyment of betting on sports.

    Check icon

    Sports markets tend to be very easy to understand as they have been around for years, meaning they have been tweaked and perfected to be easy to use.


    Check icon

    It is incredibly easy to watch the biggest events in eSports, with streaming services like Twitch and YouTube providing free ways to do so.

    Check icon

    Video game betting is a rapidly growing sector that has a glut of wagering markets and offers.

    Cancel icon

    Esports markets are generally easy to use, but they do require some knowledge of video game terminology at times, which can be off-putting for some new bettors.

    Cancel icon

    Many offers are available to be used on eSports betting, but there are some that are still restricted.


    When you come to betting on the biggest and best prematch and live betting options in New Zealand, you need to ensure that you are wagering with the top sites available to you. The best betting sites are all listed on our dedicated New Zealand sports betting page. Our experts, who have examined and rated all of the bookies that are available to you, have chosen these websites. By doing this, they have eliminated all of the sites that are not worth your time or are not safe.

    The ones that are left are then brought together and ranked against each other. This sees our experts creating a simple-to-use ranking system that will allow you to choose from the best by cherry-picking the features you deem to be the most important. This means that if you want live streaming, live betting, and a range of promotions, your best sports betting site will likely differ from a player who may want the best odds, fast customer support, and a range of niche betting opportunities.

    Regardless of the site you decide to choose, you always need to ensure they cater to what you want and will give you the best possible betting experience, whatever the sport you want to bet on.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best sports to bet on?

    This completely depends on how you want to bet. Sports like football, tennis, horse racing, and cricket are popular around the world, while you can also wager on more niche things like politics, TV, and novelty markets. The 'best' sport for betting on will be different for each and every bettor, so we always recommend doing your best to diversify your betting portfolio by having a range of sports to bet on to ensure that you keep gambling interesting and fun.

    Which are the best betting sites?

    This is dependent on how you want to bet. Your top site will likely be different from the next bettor's as you will prioritise different things. For example, if you want generous crypto promotions and the best odds, your choice of site will be very different from a gambler that wants live streaming and in-play football markets. You can find the best betting site for your own specific style by heading to our dedicated page that shows the best betting sites in your country. Here, you will see the best betting sites as ranked by our experts. This means you spend less time sifting through all of the bookies out there and instead look at the key elements that each site brings, making your decision that much easier.

    Which are the best betting promotions?

    The most common new customer offers are the free bet and matched deposit offers. Both will provide new customers with a lot of value when they sign up and deposit money into their accounts. You will also see offers like reload bonuses, acca insurance, no deposit bonuses, and more with different bookmakers. The best offer for you depends on how you want to play and how big your initial playing pot is. Some offers are better for those that are new to gambling, while others are perfect for players with a bigger pot.

    Is sports betting legal?

    Yes, sports betting is legal. Many countries across the world choose to let their residents wager on sports like football, horse racing, and tennis. If you are worried about the legality of sports betting in your country or place of residence, then we recommend looking at the laws and legislation that are set where you live. If it is legal, we then recommend ensuring you only ever bet with a betting site that is licenced and regulated by the relevant authority. You can ensure you bet with a safe and secure bookmaker by heading to our page of the best betting sites, with each one researched and ranked by our expert writers.

    What payment methods can I use for sports betting?

    There are a number of viable payment methods that you can use to get funds into your account. The two biggest payment options are Visa Debit and Skrill, which are very safe and reliable. Additionally, most sites support them. You can enjoy a range of other e-wallets too, while cryptocurrency options are also becoming more popular. The only negative with some e-wallets and crypto options is the fact that some bookmakers do not currently support them, which is more prominent with crypto betting. While we believe most bookies will have support for crypto and e-wallet options soon, you should do your best to know which payment options are available to you.

    Do I have to take the new customer offer when I sign up?

    No, you do not have to take a new customer offer when you sign up. When you start the registration process, you will often be given a choice of welcome offers, with your bookie asking you to choose which one you want to unlock. At this point, you can decide not to unlock the promotion, which is a perfectly good choice. However, if you decide that you want to unlock a promotion, you simply need to click on the one you want when signing up. We recommend that you take advantage of the new customer offer, as it is the most generous offer that you will get and can be used to really enhance your available funds.

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