Payforit Betting Sites in New Zealand

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In this guide, we will take a look at what Payforit is, and whether it is a viable option for you when it comes to betting. We will walk you through the extensive process our expert writers complete in order to bring you the best Payforit sites along with how to deposit using it, which sites offer it as a viable option and so much more. Read on to get all of the information you could possibly need before you start betting with Payforit betting sites.
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Payment types


  • You only need a mobile phone with a contract and/or the necessary credit to make deposits.
  • Heightened security as you do not need to provide your bank details.
  • Mobile compatibility allows you to make deposits on the move.
  • Instant depositing offered.
  • No fees with most betting sites.


  • Payforit withdrawals are not supported by betting sites.
  • Payforit is not widely available.
  • Depositing limits can be frustratingly low in some cases.
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Table of Contents

    Payforit Sports Betting Sites in New Zealand

    Whether you are looking for the best betting site, the best payment option or the best features, it is never as simple as it should be. Most betting sites will claim they are the best in certain elements or the best overall, and that is the problem. As soon as you start betting with a bookmaker that is below par, you will see your betting experience nosedive as you will find that the features on the site and what they offer you will not be as good as a real top betting site.

    While finding the best site can be really frustrating if you are betting on your own, it is made a lot easier when you bet using the insight of our experts. Our writers will do all of the work for you when it comes to finding the best Payforit betting sites. This means that you simply need to read their research and reviews on each of the Payforit betting sites to find which is the right one for you. It’s as simple as that.

    Betting with Payforit

    Betting with Payforit is becoming a popular way to get money into and out of your betting account. While Payforit may not be a household name like Visa Debit or Skrill, it is a viable and secure way to enjoy betting.

    Perhaps the most important element of betting with Payforit is the fact that transactions are very safe. This is achieved as your bank account is not actually used to make the payment. Instead, your mobile phone service cost is what is actually used. If you do not have a contract with your mobile provider, then the transfer will be dedicated from the credit that you have available to you. This helps to ensure that your details are kept safe, meaning you can bet in confidence with Payforit. Alongside this, you can also enjoy a number of other features that are helping to make Payforit a top-quality payment option. 

    How We Find the Best Payforit Bookmakers?

    When it comes to betting with the best Payforit betting sites, you can make the process a whole lot easier by utilising the expertise of our writers. They have an extensive and exhaustive process that looks at every single element of a betting site.

    This process allows our writers to rank the bookmakers against each other, thus providing you with an in-depth and detailed look at each site. Below, we have noted down four of the steps our experts go through whenever they rate a betting site. While some will only care about the end product and which bookies are ranked at the top, others will use these steps to begin ranking the top sites for themselves, thus ensuring they are more likely to find the right bookies for them. 


    Search for the top Payforit bookies

    You have to start somewhere in this process, and this is where our experts begin their steps. They will search across the internet to find all of the bookmakers that allow you to deposit using Payforit. This allows them to ensure that they are only ranking the sites that actually provide Payforit for bettors to use.


    Use the payment method

    A Payforit site is not ranked among the best simply because a bookie allows their customers to use the payment method. Indeed, they need to provide you with all of the features that you have come to expect from your payment method of choice. We will test how the payment option works when it comes to depositing and whether you can withdraw using it. We will also test how long transactions take, if there are any fees, what safety is provided to your details, and more.


    Use the betting site

    Now that we know what the payment method can offer you when using the site, we look at the betting site itself. We will test a range of factors including their new and existing customer offers, odds, offering of sports and markets, features, customer service, safety and much more. While there may be a number of betting sites that offer a particular payment method, only the best betting sites are able to rise to the top of our list as we do everything we can to ensure that the sites we recommend to you are the best.


    Bet with the bookmaker

    Finally, our betting experts will then use the bookmaker as you would. Each of our experts enjoys betting, and by using the site as a punter, they are able to catch positives and negatives that a standard test might miss. Whether this is the smaller details in placing a bet or specific ways customer service will look to help you out, by using the site as a bettor, our experts are able to give you a rating that is more in-depth than most other reviews.

    Facts About Payforit Betting

    Facts About Payforit Betting Facts About Payforit Betting

    How to Register at Payforit Bookmakers

    If you like what you see when it comes to betting with Payforit, your next step will be working out how to register for a new account with a betting site that offers the payment method. Below, we have articulated a step-by-step guide that will help you to join a site as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Pick your Payforit betting site Step 1

    Pick your Payforit betting site

    Head over to our dedicated page containing all of the Payforit betting sites that are available to you. Each site has been carefully chosen by our experts who have researched and rated every facet of the site. From there, they can rank the best betting sites that offer Payforit, meaning you can simply see the facts about each bookie and pick the right one for you.

    Click on the link Step 2

    Click on the link

    Once you have found the Payforit betting site for you, you simply need to click on the available link. This will take you straight to the bookmaker’s home page, which will then allow you to continue the sign-up process.

    Register Step 3


    Once you are on the homepage of your betting site of choice, you need to click on the link in the top right corner of the screen. This will usually be a register/join/sign-up button. All serve the same purpose and will open up the registration form for you. This will ask you to input your personal details, allowing you to create your account. You will need to enter details including your name, address, email address and more.

    Begin betting with Payforit Step 4

    Begin betting with Payforit

    You will then need to verify your account via your email or mobile phone. Once you have confirmed your account, you then need to head over to the payment section and select Payforit as your option of choice. You can then deposit using your payment choice and then start enjoying all of the features our betting site offers you.

    How to Make Payforit Deposits?

    One of the major issues bettors have when it comes to signing up with and using a new payment method is working out how to deposit using it. Below, we have articulated a quick guide to depositing using Payforit which will help you quickly and securely get money into your betting account.

    Step 1 - Get a supported phone number and ensure that you either have a mobile contract or enough credit in your account to make the deposit.

    Step 2 - Head to your Payforit betting site of choice and sign into your account. 

    Step 3 - Go to the banking options/payment methods page and choose Payforit as your option of choice.

    Step 4 - Enter the amount you want to deposit into your account and send the verification code. If there is a welcome offer you can unlock using Payforit, then make sure you make the correct qualifying deposit.

    Step 5 - Wait for the deposit to hit your account and you can then start betting on all of the sports and events that your Payforit betting site offers you.

    How to Make Payforit Withdrawals?

    Unfortunately, you are not able to make withdrawals using Payforit. This is one of the negative factors when it comes to betting with Payforit as you will need to link at least two betting payment methods to your account. 

    While this is not a major problem for most bettors, some will not want to have to make multiple payment accounts or link multiple methods to their betting site. If you want to bet using a single payment method, then Payforit is unfortunately not the one for you. 

    Payforit vs Skrill Sportsbooks

    Payforit is a payment option that is gaining popularity quickly due to the range of features that they can offer their customers. However, does it stand up well when comparing it to one of the gambling industry leaders? Skrill is one of the biggest payment options available to customers right now, and it usually sets the standard when it comes to what customers should expect. 

    Check icon

    Payments are very safe as you pay via your mobile phone, meaning no bank details are passed to the betting site.

    Check icon

    Payforit deposits are instant, meaning you can quickly get money into your account and make bets.

    Cancel icon

    Payforit is not as widely available as many other payment methods.

    Cancel icon

    Payforit withdrawing is not possible.


    Check icon

    Personal details are not passed between your Skrill wallet and betting account, meaning your details are kept safe.

    Check icon

    Deposits with Skrill are instant.

    Check icon

    Skrill is supported by a huge range of betting sites.

    Check icon

    Skrill is a withdrawal method that many bettors choose to utilise.

    Payforit Experiences

    Carl - "Payforit is a pretty simple and easy-to-use way to pay. It means I can get money into my betting account with very little fuss."

    Anna - "I was looking for a new payment method to use and came across Payforit. With instant depositing and heightened security, Payforit has become one of my go-to’s."

    Ryan - "I was disappointed to see that I couldn’t withdraw using Payforit with some betting sites but, overall, it’s a good payment method to have in the back pocket."

    Mobile Compatibility at Payforit Bookmakers

    Payforit boasts being one of the viable mobile-only payment methods that are becoming more popular. You do not need to create a specific Payforit account to fund your betting wallet using Payforit which is a major draw for many people. 

    Instead, you need to have a mobile phone contract or enough money in your pay-as-you-go account to make the relevant deposit. The mobile compatibility of Payforit helps to ensure that you can move money when on the move, which helps to ensure that you are not tethered to your desktop when trying to bet with your favourite betting site.

    Alternatives to Payforit Bookmakers

    While you may believe that Payforit is the payment option for you, we would always recommend that you do your research and know a little bit about the alternatives that are available to you. Below, we have noted down some of the payment methods for sports betting you could utilise as well as or instead of Payforit.


    Skrill is one of the biggest and most popular e-Wallets available to bettors, and for good reason. One of the best features that Skrill can offer its customers is the safety and security of their personal details and money. Skrill does not send across any personal information to the betting site when you sign up. This means that in the unlikely event that your betting site is compromised, your personal details will be more likely to be safe. 

    Along with the safety and security that using Skrill provides, you can also make the most out of instant transactions and the lack of fees with most betting sites. The name recognition of the Skrill betting sites means that you know depositing and withdrawing with the payment method will be safe, while many bookies are battling to offer the chance to make payments using the e-Wallet. In the world of betting, payment methods do not get much more well-rounded than Skrill. 

    Visa Debit Card

    The Visa Debit card is one of the most popular and widely used payment methods in the world. Whether you are betting, shopping or paying your bills, this is the payment option that most people use in their day-to-day lives. What makes it such a viable option is the fact that it tends to be the first payment method available to people. 

    Much like Skrill, you can enjoy instant transactions, name recognition and the fact that almost all betting sites offer you the ability to deposit and withdraw using your Visa Debit. However, Skrill comes out in one key area. With Visa betting sites, you will invariably have to input your baking information to make deposits and withdrawals. This means your details will be on your betting site of choice. While they are safe there, in the very unlikely event there is a security breach, the fact Skrill does not pass your details to the betting site means there is an added layer of security. 


    Ethereum betting sites are becoming much more popular as the days go by. Gone are the days when Ethereum and cryptocurrency were seen as confusing alternatives to regular payment methods that seemed difficult to come to terms with. Now, you can get into using cryptocurrency to do a number of things, including funding your betting account. 

    Transactions are instant when making a deposit, while some Ethereum betting sites offer instant withdrawals too. What sets Ethereum and other crypto betting options above many other payment methods is the security. The anonymous payments mean that you can add funds to your betting account without ever having to worry about your personal details. This is a major draw when you bet with Ethereum, with the crypto betting option being offered by more and more bookies. 

    Payforit Betting Summary

    As we mentioned right at the top of this guide, finding the right payment method for you is incredibly important to ensure your betting experience is of the highest order. This is why our guides to different payment methods have become such cornerstones of the betting community. We are able to provide you with concise, in-depth and unbiased guides and reviews of the best betting sites with regard to their offers, payment methods, features and more. 

    The best Payforit betting sites may not be as easily accessible as the best Visa Debit card betting sites or the best cryptocurrency betting sites, but they are increasing in popularity as the days go by. You will usually be able to enjoy instant deposits, no fees and safe transactions with most betting sites. However, you should be aware of the fact that bookies will not allow you to withdraw using the payment method, while some betting sites will not support payments using Payforit at all. 

    If you are still set on using Payforit as your payment method of choice, then we recommend that you utilise our best Payforit betting sites page to its full potential. You will find all of the information and expertise you need when it comes to signing up and betting using Payforit with the help of our expert writers. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I make safe deposits with Payforit?

    Yes, you can make safe deposits with Payforit when you come to betting. Payforit is a secure and reputable payment option that will help you to keep your money and details safe when you come to betting. One of the ways this is achieved is via the fact you do not need a specific Payforit account to make payments. Instead, you simply need to have a mobile phone contract or the relevant funds in your pay-as-you-go account to make deposits. This means that you pay using your phone, so no banking details are transferred to the betting site.

    Can I make instant deposits with Payforit?

    Yes, many bookmakers will enable you to make immediate deposits using Payforit. This means that you can quickly fund your account with minimal hassle, ensuring you do not have to miss out on a quick in-play bet. You should also be aware of the fact that there are some bookies that will not support instant payments from Payforit, so ensure you have read the relevant information regarding payment options on your betting site of choice.

    Can I use Payforit to make withdrawals?

    No, you will not be able to use Payforit to make withdrawals. The betting sites we have tested online do not currently support Payforit as a withdrawal option. This means that you will have to find an alternative method to get your money back into your bank account. This is one of the detracting factors when it comes to betting with Payforit. Needing to link at least two payment methods when betting can be frustrating, especially if you use Payforit for withdrawing before then having to link a viable withdrawal method.

    What alternatives are there to Payforit?

    There are a number of viable options available to you when you come to depositing and withdrawing money. The most popular payment methods include the likes of Visa Debit card and Skrill. You can also bet with a number of other e-Wallet betting options and cryptocurrency too, with options like Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dogecoin all available to you. Ultimately, the option you use depends completely on your style of betting and which betting site you want to play with. Some will offer you all of the above, while others will restrict you to a handful of options.

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