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    Privacy Policy

    The purpose of this Privacy Policy, hereinafter "the Policy" is to describe how, hereinafter "the Website," uses your personal data. 

    The Policy is routinely revised and we inform you about updates and revisions right here on this page. Therefore, you are advised to frequently check the page to get all the latest data concerning the Policy.

    The Betpack Policy should be considered simultaneously with the Betpack Terms and Conditions. In case you don't agree with one or both of these, we would like to ask you to stop using the Website. 

    Collecting and Using Data

    The Website gathers your personal information the moment you access or other media that have an association with the Website, such as mobile apps and other platforms and channels if there are any.

    Types of Information We Gather

    The Website gathers data that is freely available from your browsing session. We collect data such as the device you use and the operating system you access the Website from. It also includes and is not limited to information such as your ISP, configuration of your device and browser, time, date, IP address, and location.

    Using Your Information

    We use the data we collect from you in different ways. The main reason why we collect your personal information is to improve your experience on the Website and enhance our hardware performance to better meet your needs regarding the Website. uses the data it collects to study browsing patterns and discover and have knowledge of what Website readers want and the services, products, and content they need.

    The Website will attempt to use the data it gathers to enhance the Website and improve elements such as materials we post, customer services and products, as well as content options that would improve your user experience and help you find what you are looking for.

    The information the Website collects also serves the purpose of protecting from security threats that may come from different parts of the world and result in the cessation of the Website's service.

    Reasons for Collecting Your Data

    The Website has a valid reason to gather your online browsing information because it helps us enhance all our services and content. From the moment we get your data, we will adhere to information-protection laws and use the data we gather in different ways to allow us to:

    • Learn more about the different readers and users of

    • Find out what products we can introduce or which services we can make better. 

    • Improve the general safety of and prevent threats to the Website and those that use it.

    • Nip in the bud attempts of fraud or other illegal activities.

    Do We Share Your Information? will only share your personal data when this is essential to the advancement of your user experience on the Website and the improvement of our business to facilitate that improved user experience.

    Enhancing the General Experience

    The information (Aggregated Data) we share with website tool companies like Google, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and other service providers, helps us give you a superior and much improved overall experience and enhance the service we offer.

    The Website respects your desire to stay anonymous and your data not to be shared with others. You can ask the Website to remove all your browsing data.

    Existing data-collection legislation allows you to get in touch with the Website and expressly ask us to detail the information we have gathered from your online browsing session and make a request asking us to remove it. We will delete the data in question within the legally allowable time frame.

    Legal Reasons for Sharing of Data

    In some situations, the Website may be required to communicate your data with others. This happens when the government serves notice to the Website about an investigation in progress. If that is the case, the Website might be forced to share your private data to comply with the request without having to inform you about it.

    The Rights You Have Over Your Data

    The fact we gather data during each session on the Website does not automatically imply we are the only owners. We make sure you have control over how we handle your data and are obliged to do so under data regulations and international information protection laws. These are your rights:

    • Access - You can write to us to explain the volume of your data and the details we possess.

    • Correction - If you notice a mistake, you can ask us to correct that piece of information.

    • Transfer - It is possible to request that your data be migrated to a different party, and the Website will agree to do that.

    • Erasure - It is also possible to ask that all your data and details are deleted from the Website. In some cases, we might have to reject that request based on the legal reasons we described in the previous section.

    • Objection - You are allowed to oppose the use of your data and details. However, we might reject your grievance if we have legal grounds for that.

    Cookies and the Reasons We Use Them

    Cookies tell us what we need to do to enhance your experience on the Website. They help visitors navigate and scan through the Website while benefiting from the Website's complete collection of features and options.

    We collect data related to the way in which you browse our site, such as browsing patterns. It is possible to stop using cookies, but it is also important to understand that if you prevent cookies, you might not get the perfect browsing experience you want.

    Third-Party Links might provide links to third parties for various reasons. These may include getting a point across, offering extra information, or citing references. Data protection and privacy laws relieve us from monitoring whether a third-party website adheres to these privacy and data protection laws. It is your obligation to make sure that the website you visit operates with data and privacy protection laws in mind. The Website cannot be held accountable for violations of laws that happen outside the Website.

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