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When you come to betting, you need to ensure that you are always doing so with a number of features that are non-negotiable. Factors like generous welcome offers, consistent existing customer promotions, competitive odds and a range of features and markets for all the sports you want come to mind along with payment options that you trust. That is where the best Boku betting sites come in. In this guide, we will take a look at the best Boku betting sites, why they are rated so highly by our experts, whether it is a safe payment method to use and what you can expect from them.
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  • Very safe payment method as no personal details is shared between your Boku account and the betting site.
  • A mobile payment method perfect for those that prefer to bet via their device.
  • No need to sign up for Boku you only need to enter your mobile number.
  • Becoming more popular with each month that goes by.
  • Usually no charges when using Boku.


  • Not as widely accepted as some other payment methods.
  • Deposits are limited depending on your betting site.
  • You cannot use Boku as a withdrawal method.
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Table of Contents

    Best Betting Sites That Accept Boku

    Our experts at Betpack live and breathe betting. This means that when we set out to do something for you, we ensure that we do the job fully. When it comes to finding the best Boku betting sites, our team has searched high and low to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

    Through a rigorous process that includes finding, researching and testing each betting site that offers Boku as a payment option, we have been able to create our list of the top Boku betting sites. As if this was not enough, we have also done this for a range of other payment options too, allowing you to bet with the peace of mind that you are wagering with the best possible betting site for the payment method you are using.

    If you like the sound of betting using Boku, then read on. This guide to Boku betting sites provides you with everything you need to know about wagering with the payment method and the bookies that support it.

    What is Boku and How Does It Work?

    Boku was founded back in 2009 and now operates across over 250 mobile networks all over the world. Boku enables people to utilise their phones and contract to pay for a wide selection of items.

    One of Boku’s main selling points is that it works differently from your average payment method. Boku will add the cost of a deposit onto your next monthly phone bill, with your deposit made in conjunction with your next phone bill coming out. Due to the fact that Boku does not need to use your personal details to make a deposit, your details are given an added level of security, adding to the lure of the payment method.

    The one drawback with Boku is that its use is still fairly restricted on betting sites. Some offer it as a viable payment option, however, it is still not as popular as some other methods on the market. This means that while there are sites out there where you can deposit using Boku, you will not find it at the majority of bookies.

    How We Find the Best Boku Bookmakers?

    Our experts go through a rigorous selection process whenever they are on a mission to provide you with the best of anything. Whether that is the best betting site, new customer offer, features or payment methods, they take as much care and time as they need to ensure you only ever get the very best.

    While their selection process is very rigorous, we have cut it down to four steps below, with this giving you a steer on how you could also go and find the best betting sites for yourself.


    Find the Boku betting sites

    Of course, this may sound very obvious, but it is vital that you bring together all of the best betting sites that offer Boku as a viable payment option. This means that we are not wasting our time with sites that do not offer it as a payment method.


    Test the payment method

    While you can utilise the same Boku account across a number of betting sites, utilising it with a certain bookie may see additional times for depositing applied, while there may be fees or even a ban on using it with a bookmaker’s offers. We ensure that Boku can be used effectively on a betting site, meaning you will not be left cursing the fact that you need to use a different payment method.


    Test the betting site

    Step 3 - Test the betting site
    Finding the best Boku betting site is not completed merely because we have found a betting site that allows players to wager using the payment method. Now, we move on to the site itself. We look at the welcome and existing customer offers, sports on offer, betting markets, whether the odds are competitive, the features, customer service and more. For a betting site to be considered the best, it has to pass a string of rigorous tests and checks.


    Use the site

    Just like you, we are ardent bettors. That means when we find these betting sites, we want to use them too. This means we head to the betting site and enjoy the betting experience. If it does not reach our high standards, then we do not recommend it to you. It is as simple as that.

    Facts About Boku Betting

    Facts About Boku Betting Facts About Boku Betting

    Betting with Boku

    Betting with Boku has become a far more viable and reliable choice for sending your money into your betting account. The enhanced security provided ensures that your details are kept safe, meaning that you can focus solely on betting.

    While Boku may not be the biggest name in payment options, it is doing a great job to become a viable alternative that offers some great features. This helps to make sure that all of your focus is on making your next bet, finding the best odds and utilising your welcome or existing customer offer in the right way.

    How to Register at Boku Bookmakers

    If you have decided that a Boku betting site is the one for you, then you need to know how to sign up with one. Below, we have created a four-step guide to signing up with a Boku betting site just to make things even more straightforward.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Find your Boku betting site Step 1

    Find your Boku betting site

    Head to our dedicated page that shows the top Boku betting sites as ranked by our expert writers. Each site has been rigorously tested by our team as they look to delve into every facet of what they can offer you. Once our experts are happy that they have completely reviewed the betting site, they will rank them and, if they are worthy of it, they are added to our table of the top sites.

    Follow the link Step 2

    Follow the link

    Once you have decided to sign up, you need to choose a particular betting site to sign up with. After deciding on which best betting site is right for you along with features you perceive to be important, you need to click on the link we provide that will take you to the bookmaker.

    Sign Up Step 3

    Sign Up

    Once you have arrived at the bookmaker site, you need to begin the sign-up process. Click on the link in the top right corner. This will usually be called sign-up/register/join. Clicking on this will reveal the registration form, which you need to fill in with your details before confirming your account.

    Deposit and bet with Boku Step 4

    Deposit and bet with Boku

    After you have verified your account, you can head to the banking page. There, you need to select depositing with Boku. Follow the depositing steps that are articulated below, confirm the payment and then wait for it to appear in your bookie account. Once you have the necessary funds in your account, you can start enjoying all the best features the Boku betting site has to offer you.

    How to Make Boku Deposits?

    Most payment methods are very similar in the way they work, meaning you can usually just deposit using muscle memory. However, Boku is slightly different. As a mobile-specific payment method, there are a few things you need to take into account when you come to betting with Boku.

    Step 1 - Ensure you have signed into your betting account and then head over to the banking section.

    Step 2 - Hit the deposit button and select Boku.

    Step 3 - You will then be prompted to enter your mobile number along with the amount you want to deposit.

    Step 4 - Boku will then send a confirmation text that will either ask you to authorise the payment or send you a PIN code.

    Step 5 - If you are sent a PIN code, enter this on the website.

    Step 6 - You can then start betting with your bookie of choice.

    The reason Boku is so different is that you do not need an account to send money via it. Instead, you just need your phone number, as articulated above.

    Boku vs. Skrill Sportsbooks

    The best online bookmakers that offer Boku have been on the rise in recent years, with a glut of options available to players. However, Boku is not the only payment method on offer to those who want to bet. Indeed, Skrill is one of the go-to betting payment methods, but how does it stack up against Boku?

    Check icon

    You do not need to supply financial details to your bookmaker of choice, making it even safe to use.

    Check icon

    There are no fees for using Boku when making a deposit.

    Check icon

    Deposits with Boku are instant.

    Cancel icon

    You have to have a mobile contract to use Boku, meaning those without one cannot access it.

    Cancel icon

    Not all betting sites accept Boku.


    Check icon

    No need for your personal details to be sent across to your betting site, helping to add another level of security.

    Check icon

    Many Skrill bookmakers will not charge a fee for using the payment method.

    Check icon

    Skrill boasts of being one of the quickest payment methods.

    Cancel icon

    You need to sign up for an account with Skrill.

    Check icon

    Skrill is a widely accepted payment method.

    Boku Experiences 

    Nathan - "Boku is so easy to use and it is such a simple-to-understand platform."

    Dan - "Really satisfied with the Boku product since 2016! I keep coming back to Boku for all my needs."

    Will - "Powerful product, great service, five stars!"

    Mobile Compatibility at Boku Bookmakers

    Boku is an app that works from your mobile phone, so it is very compatible with your mobile. In order to deposit funds into your betting site of choice, your deposit is added to the cost of your carrier bill. This means that while the money is moved into your account instantly, the amount you deposit will come out when your next phone bill is due.

    This may be a bit confusing for some as they like to know that when the money has hit their betting site, then it has left their payment account. This is where some people are put off Boku.

    However, the speed at which you can deposit coupled with the security that Boku provides means that it has become a viable payment option for many. It is of particular interest to those that prefer to bet on their phones, while those that want to use betting apps rather than traditional browser-based betting sites also enjoy using Boku.

    Alternatives to Boku Bookmakers

    This guide to Boku may have seen you completely sold on the idea of using the payment method the next time you bet. However, as mentioned earlier, our expert writers are nothing if not thorough. This is why they have done everything they can to provide you with everything you need to know about Boku, and it is why we also give you alternatives to them.

    Below, we have listed a few of the payment methods we deem to be in the top tier, with them giving Boku a run for its money.

    Debit Cards

    The tried and tested payment methods of the masses from around the world. Most people who are paying for things will either use or at least have a debit card that they can use to pay with. The ease at which you can add your card details to a site is only matched by how popular the payment method is with bookies.

    Most if not all betting sites will allow you to deposit and withdraw using a debit card, meaning you will very rarely have to find an alternative method when using a debit card. The one worry when using your debit card is having to leave your bank details on an online bookmaker, but the security a bookie usually provides customers will ensure your card details are kept as safe as possible.


    Skrill is one of the most popular e-Wallets available today. Offering instant depositing and withdrawals, it is no wonder Skrill has become a go-to option for betting. The exceptionally safe transfers coupled with the ease at which you can sign up and move money help you to stay in complete control of depositing money into your account and withdrawing your winnings when you want to.

    If you are looking for a big name in the world of betting that offers free transactions with most bookies, instant deposits, security and more, then Skrill may be the one for you.


    PayPal is another name that was made big outside of betting but has become a real driving force for players who want to gamble. The safety PayPal provides along with its fast payments means that customers have flocked to link their PayPal accounts to their betting site of choice.

    PayPal has not been able to become quite as popular as the likes of debit cards, but it provides a viable alternative for customers who want to link a completely different payment method to their bookie.


    Cryptocurrency itself is not one specific payment type, but it provides an array of options for you to make the most out of. Crypto options like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum are gaining popularity rapidly with bettors now using them to fund their betting accounts. Most cryptocurrencies will offer you a range of features that help to ensure that you do not go back to traditional payment methods. Instant depositing helps to ensure you get money into your account immediately, while withdrawals are usually pretty quick too. There are generally no fees, or they are at least minimal, meaning you do not have to get charged for moving your money from one place to another.

    Perhaps the biggest positive is the security cryptocurrency options provide. As no details are shared between your crypto wallet and your betting site, it means there is an added layer of security for your details. With transactions kept anonymous, you do not need to worry about your details being compromised. All things considered, it is no wonder crypto betting sites are quickly becoming the hottest properties in betting.

    Boku Betting Summary

    Boku may not be the most well-known payment method in the world of betting, but it provides players with a number of features that will make them progressively more popular.

    Their instant depositing means you can fund your account immediately, while there are no fees if you deposit directly from Boku to your bookmaker account. Alongside this, the fact it is a mobile-only payment method really speaks to the newer generation of bettors, who wager on their phones rather than desktop devices.

    Finally, the added level of security provided through the fact that your details are not sent from Boku to your betting site means that you can wager safely in the knowledge that you have done all you can to ensure you are keeping your information and money safe.

    Boku sites may not be as prevalent as debit cards or Skrill betting sites, but they are becoming more popular. If you are looking for a safe and secure way to get money into your account with minimal hassle, then Boku may be the payment method for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are deposits quick with Boku?

    Yes, deposits are usually very quick when using Boku as your payment method of choice. Many bookmakers will offer you the ability to make instant deposits with Boku, meaning you can get your funds into your account immediately. However, it is worth knowing that if you use Boku as a way of getting money into your next payment method, then you will have longer waiting times. For example, if you sent money from your Boku account to your Neteller account, then you would have to send money from your Neteller account to your betting site. This could cause an increase in the waiting time.

    Can I make withdrawals using Boku?

    No, you cannot use Boku to make withdrawals. This may put some people off as they like to have the ability to deposit and withdraw money into their betting account using the same payment method. However, if you use Boku to get money into your account, then you will have to set up an alternative way of withdrawing money.

    Are there fees when using Boku?

    Using Boku to transfer money from your account to your betting account will see you avoid any fees. If you decide to use Boku to send money to an e-Wallet and then onto your betting site, then you may be charged for the transactions.

    Can I get welcome offers when using Boku?

    This completely depends on your betting site of choice. Some betting sites will block different e-Wallets and payment methods from qualifying for a welcome offer. We always recommend that you take a look at the welcome offer or existing customer offer to make sure your payment method, whether Boku or otherwise, helps you to qualify for the offer. Using the top Boku betting sites listed on our site will usually allow you to get a welcome offer when depositing using the payment method, although it is unfortunately not always possible to find a site that provides a welcome offer that you can activate using Boku.

    Is Boku a safe and secure payment method?

    Yes, Boku is a very safe payment method to use. This is because Boku does not transfer any of your details over to the betting site. While having your details on the betting site is safe, if there were to be some form of the breach (which is very unlikely), then your details could be put at risk. However, as Boku does not transfer your details to the betting site, it means there is an added level of security provided to your transactions.

    What payment methods can I use instead of Boku?

    There are a few alternatives to Boku that you could use, although not all of them will enable you to deposit onto different betting sites around the world. Instead, we would recommend utilising Boku unless you really feel you have to go elsewhere.

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