Corner Betting - A Guide for NZ Players

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Try your luck with corner betting odds on your next betting adventure. Bet on the number of corners each team will take throughout the match. Focus your predictions on corner kicks and other options in the corner match bet market. Find your corner betting tips as you explore the corner markets for your next football match bet. Keep reading to learn more about betting on corners and other essential information.

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    Corner Betting Explained

    Corner betting is all about focusing on the number of corners awarded throughout the match, although there are different options to consider. In this case, you can bet on which team will have fewer corners and the one team that will finish with more corners. The corner count for the match is an important factor when you want to engage in corner betting.

    You can bet on individual team corners. For instance, if you want to place a bet on a Premier League match that involves Chelsea hosting Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge, you can bet on Chelsea over 4.5 total corners throughout the game. In this case, you would expect Chelsea to get at least 5 corners before the final whistle.

    Aside from betting on how many corners a team should get, you can also consider corner handicap bets. Many betting sites provide this option and let you pick a team to get more corners than the other. In this case, you are giving one of the teams an added advantage. You can then decide if the other team will still get more corner kicks despite the advantage you gave to the first team.

    There are other options you can consider when it comes to placing a corner kick bet. We've explained it further in the corner betting markets section. There you will understand the different bets you can place when it comes to corner betting.

    Correct Score Betting Correct Score Betting

    Corner Betting Markets

    When it comes to betting on corners, there are different markets to explore. We've explained the different markets in this section. Check them out to see which ones you might want to try out whenever you want to get started with serious betting. Keep in mind that these markets all tie in with the total number of corners before the final whistle.

    Team Corners

    There are different options you can consider whenever you want to try your luck on team corner betting. You can bet on individual teams and the total corner kicks they will get throughout the match. Or you can bet based on each half for each team. You can even bet on whether a team will concede corners or not. With team corner bets, you're focusing on each team. In some cases, you might even get to bet on the team that will take the first corner in the game. You can focus on the stronger team to get the most corners for a better chance to win your bet.

    Corners - Over/Under

    You can also bet on the average corner kick amount for the entire game. Most betting sites provide various corner lines. You can decide to go over or under each corner line, depending on your preference. With your corner betting strategy, you can determine the likely total corners for the match. Then, instead of placing outright total corner bets, you can consider the corner bet lines and choose whether they will go over or under the lines. With this option, you can focus your research on average corners conceded by both teams in previous football matches.

    Corners - Moneyline

    Some betting sites also let players bet on moneyline options when it comes to corner betting. In this case, you're betting on which team will have the most corners at the end of the game. So, when you want to place your corners bet, you can check for the most defensive team or the weaker team between both options to pick out which of the two teams will have more corners. You can also bet on a draw if you think both teams will have the same number of corners at the end of the match, depending on your prediction.

    Corner Handicap

    It is also possible to bet on corner handicaps. In this case, you're giving one particular team an edge over the other. For instance, when Manchester City plays weaker teams like Burnley FC, there is a higher chance of Manchester City getting more corners since they will be attacking more than Burnley throughout the match. So, in this case, you can give Burnley a +1.5 handicap, meaning they are starting the game with more than one corner. So, for City to win the corner moneyline bet, they must finish the game with a 2+ corner margin over Burnley.

    First Half Corners

    You can also focus your bet on Corners in the first half of the game. In this case, you're checking out half-time corners. Anything after that doesn't affect your bet. With this option, you get to bet on the average number of corners that will occur in the first half of the game. You can bet on the total first-half corners, handicap, money line, over/under, and other options, depending on your preference. If you choose a betting site with additional options, you might even get to place bets on the team to get to the first or last corner before halftime.

    Corner Props

    There are also corner props you can consider. These special bets vary from one betting site to another. You may want to check the options available before proceeding. You can consider the corner range for each half, the timing of the first corner, a specific period when the first corner will be conceded, which team will get the last corner and how many corners they will get, etc. You can check out this market if you want to place a fun bet. They are mostly luck-based, but they offer higher payout potential since they are difficult to predict. This option is perfect for football bettors who want to win big with less numbers of bets.

    How to Place Corner Bets

    Learning how to place corner bets will help you make better betting decisions. We've provided a helpful guide to give you a step-by-step guide on how to place corner bets. Check them out and get started with corner betting for a chance to win bets and increase your bankroll.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    Choose a Competition Step 1

    Choose a Competition

    The first step is to choose the competition you want to bet on. It can be a cup competition like the UEFA Champions League, English FA Cup, Spanish Copa Del Rey, etc. Or you can try your luck with league tournaments, including top and youth leagues. It is important to note that teams tend to play differently based on the competition.

    Select Preferred Games Step 2

    Select Preferred Games

    When it comes to football betting, there are different matches in a particular, unless it is a CUP final, where there is only one game. So, check out the list of upcoming and live games to pick the one you want to bet on and start working on your sports betting strategies.

    Research the Teams Step 3

    Research the Teams

    Ensure you check the teams and look at each team's form to see how they've fared leading up to the match. Do a little pre-match research. That way, you can make predictions that will give you bet wins and increase your bankroll. Take the time to check their corner forms against each other and other teams.

    Predict and Place Bets Step 4

    Predict and Place Bets

    Make your predictions to play corner betting. Ensure you pay attention to the odds to know which option online bookmakers are backing to likely result in a win. You can predict a single game or multiple, depending on what you're looking for. Once you're done, proceed to place your bets.

    Corner Betting Strategies and Tips

    If you have the best corner betting strategies, you can increase your corner betting win potential because you'll know how the teams play. We've gathered some tips and strategies you can use whenever you want to consider corner betting. The vast majority of top football bettors consider these tips for their betting journey.

    Do Your Research

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Evaluate the Odds and Values

    Use Bonuses

    When it comes to corners, it doesn't matter if the stronger team loses the match. Your focus is on the total number of corners taken in the game. So, ensure you tailor your research based on the corners. Check if they achieve double figures if you want to bet on the over/under market. You can consider other markets as well.

    Don't just jump in and place bets on corners without a proper bankroll management strategy. Take your time to explore suitable strategies that will help you manage your bankroll. That way, you can keep your money intact and won't lose everything to one bet. From there, you can build a long-term betting journey.

    It also helps when you check the odds and values of the corner betting lines. With the odds, you can tell which one has the most potential to win. However, you should keep in mind that there is a possibility for either bet line to win. So ensure you pick the odds based on your predictions. Don't just rely on the odds and values.

    Ensure you use bonuses to improve your betting chances. Ensure you take the time to check if there are free bets you can claim or extra money you can get when you want to join a sports betting site. The more the bonuses, the higher your chances of winning a substantial payout.


    Corner betting is a perfect option for players who want to try their luck on bets that don't involve goals or who win the game. In this case, using the right betting strategy will go a long way to improving your winning chances. You can take the time to look at the teams and their corner count from previous matches. This option is straightforward. Add it to your betting radar and check for betting sites that let you engage in corner betting today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Corner Betting in Football?

    Corner betting involves predicting the total number of corners that will be awarded in a football match. Punters can bet on the over/under total corners or specific corner-related outcomes.

    How do I Bet on Corners?

    You have a number of options when it comes to betting on corners, including total corners over/under, corner handicap, and first/last corner. When placing a corner bet, consider team statistics, playing styles, and recent performance.

    What Factors Should I Consider When Predicting Corner Outcomes?

    Take into account the weather, referee tendencies, team playing styles, offensive and defensive strengths, and recent form. Teams that employ offensive tactics or have weak defenses typically have more corners.

    What is the Difference between Asian Corner Betting and Regular Corner Betting?

    Asian corner betting provides additional options, including quarter-corner lines to eliminate push outcomes. It offers more precision in predicting corner counts but may involve a steeper learning curve for beginners.

    How Can I Manage Risks When Betting on Corners?

    Make sure you do your homework, spread your bets, and set sensible limits in order to control the risks associated with corner betting. You should not depend only on statistics because unanticipated circumstances can affect corner results. Managing your bankroll carefully is essential.

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