Prop Bets - A Guide for NZ Players

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Betting on sports is fun when you bet on the outcomes of matches, but it can be even more interesting when you are wagering on prop bets. It might not be clear from the name, but prop bets allow you to bet on markets that are not directly related to the outcome of the match, such as bookings or throw-ins. Read on to learn more about prop bets and how they can add an extra layer of excitement to your sports betting experience.

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    What is Prop Bets?

    To understand prop bets, you first need to know that, unlike other betting markets, proposition bets cover thousands of different outcomes. Most of these prop bets are not related to each other or the outcome of the match. So, you could be betting on parts of matches, player performance metrics, team stats, or even methods of celebration and the types of clothes coaches will be wearing during games.

    You can easily see how prop bets are different from the standard types of pre-match and live betting markets. Let's say you place two wagers, one a prop bet and the other a double chance wager, on the game between Manchester United and Arsenal FC. With your prop bet, you predict that Arsenal's forward Bukayo Saka will get a yellow card, while with the double chance bet, you back Arsenal to win or draw (X2). The match ends 3:2, and Arsenal lose. Saka gets a yellow. 

    The double chance bet is directly connected to the final outcome. If Arsenal had won or drawn, your double chance bet would have won too. However, Saka getting a yellow card isn't related to the final 3:2 result. In fact, Arsenal could have lost 7:1 or won 5:0, that would have made no difference to you. The only thing that mattered to you was for Saka to be booked, as that's a winning bet for you.

    Prop Bets Markets

    With so many proposition betting options available, classifying prop bets is never an easy task. The best way to organise the thousands of different prop bet markets so that you better understand them is to classify them into three big groups - team, game, and player props.

    Player Bet Props

    Player prop bets allow you to bet on individual players. You can bet on various statistical categories, with the most popular being goals and points scored. For instance, you can predict whether Nikola Jokic will score more or fewer than 20.5 points in a specific match or bet on Real Madrid's Vinicius Junior to score anytime in a particular game. You can also bet on many other elements of a player's performance, such as assists, rebounds, steals, shots on goal, penalties taken, bookings received, passing yards, receiving yards, and many other individual lines.

    Team Prop Bets

    When you register an account with the best online sportsbooks, you can bet on a wide range of team bet props. Let's say you are thinking about betting on the Serie A match between Juventus FC and AS Roma. The team prop bets available will include which team will score first, the total number of corners for Juventus, whether Roma will be awarded a penalty, how many shots on goal there will be for Juventus, etc. Team prop bets are available in most sportsbooks listed at Betpack, so you should have no shortage of team prop bet picks.

    Match Props

    There are hundreds of game prop markets too, ranging from regular to exotic. For instance, if you are betting on football, you can wager on everything from how many throw-ins there will be in a match to the minute of the first yellow card shown. Similarly, volleyball betting enthusiasts can predict how long the first set will be or when the first time-out will be called, as well as various other outcomes. And if you are into betting on American football, you can benefit from arguably the most game props, especially if you are betting on the Super Bowl. You can even bet on novelty markets, such as how long the national anthem will take or which company will get the first commercial during half-time.

    How to place prop bets

    Feel like placing a few NBA player props because prop bets have your attention? We can tell you how to place basketball prop bets, popular football props, and any other proposition wager you are thinking about. Read Betpack's informative guide and follow the four steps to place your first prop bet in New Zealand.

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    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Account
    Read Betpack Reviews Step 1

    Read Betpack Reviews

    Only the best online sportsbooks can give you the vast selection of prop betting options you deserve. So, your first goal should be to find a top-quality sports betting site. We advise you to consider joining the top-rated bookmakers at Betpack, read our betting site reviews, and shortlist the best bookies for you.

    Find a Reliable Betting Site Step 2

    Find a Reliable Betting Site

    You have probably shortlisted several top bookmakers from our listings by now. Next, choose the best one. Look at things like welcome bonuses, free bets, and betting odds. Of course, pay close attention to the prop betting options each bookmaker offers.

    Register and Claim the Welcome Bonus Step 3

    Register and Claim the Welcome Bonus

    Open a betting account with the one sportsbook that has passed all your tests with flying colours. Then make your first deposit and make sure you activate the welcome bonus offer. Those bonus funds will come in handy when placing prop bets.

    Place Your Bets Step 4

    Place Your Bets

    It is now time to place your first prop bet. To do that, go to the sports section and choose the sporting event you will be wagering on. Find the prop markets you like, include them in your bet slip, and submit your wager.

    Strategies and Tips for Prop Bets

    As with most other bet types, you can increase your chances of winning your prop bets by using betting strategies and implementing expert tips into your betting journey. Of course, to win your prop bets, you must get lucky too. However, a tried-and-tested betting strategy can help too.

    Find Betting Sites with the Best Prop Bet Odds

    Make the Most of Sports Betting Bonuses

    Go for More Exotic Options for Higher Winnings

    Only join betting sites that offer odds that are above the industry average. They give you the best prop bet value. As you can see in our Betpack reviews, some sportsbooks work with minimal profit margins, meaning they offer more competitive odds than their rivals. And you only need to look at the difference in potential winnings to know the importance of joining online sports betting sites with the best odds.

    The betting offers bookmakers give you make placing online bets more fun and exciting. However, you can also use free bets and bonus funds to improve your chances of winning your prop bets. One way to do that is to use the complimentary bonus funds to bet without spending your money. Another way to benefit from sportsbook promos is to use free bets, for instance, to bet on one outcome and then stake your funds on the other outcome, thus covering all possible results and winning regardless of what happens.

    The more exotic and riskier the bet, the higher the odds and potential winnings. So, if you are looking to get enticing winnings, go for bet types that few punters wager on, as they often come with higher odds. For instance, if you are betting on NBA player stats, instead of wagering on points or assists, as most bettors do, go for something more unique, such as triple-double markets or bets on three-pointers. And this doesn't only apply to prop bets on the NBA season. The same goes if you are betting on NFL matches, Major League Baseball games, English Premier League events, as well as horse racing festivals and various other sports and competitions.


    If you want to make following a certain game more enticing, arguably the best bets to do that are proposition or prop bets. When you are placing prop wagers, you are betting on individual lines set for players or on various other elements of sports games. These bet types are frequently not related to the outcome of matches, so they offer additional avenues for bettors who want to extract maximum excitement from sports matches.

    Therefore, if you feel that you know how a certain player will perform in a game but are not sure about the final result of that game, prop bet markets are ideal for you. All you need to do next is pick some of the top-rated sportsbooks listed at Betpack, open an account, and make a deposit using some of the payment methods available. Placing sports bets will be as easy as you want it to be.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which betting site in New Zealand has the best NBA prop bets?

    The NZ betting site that has the best NBA prop bet markets likely has all-around top-quality basketball betting options too. So, if you are looking for the best NBA team, game, and player props, find a sportsbook that has comprehensive basketball betting markets.

    Why are prop bets so popular in New Zealand?

    Prop bets are a real hit in New Zealand because they make following sporting events more exciting. For example, placing a same-game multi where you are betting on the individual lines set for players will make you cheer for each point scored and assist made by the player you have backed.

    How are moneyline and prop bets different?

    When you are betting on moneyline bets, you predict which of the two teams or players will win the match. In other words, you are placing a bet on the final score of the game. However, when you are placing prop bets, you are wagering on outcomes that are not necessarily related to the final score, such as whether a baseball player will hit a home run or the number of passing yards an NFL quarterback throws.

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