A Guide to Over/Under Betting NZ

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You don't have to bet on the winner of the match to enjoy your online bets in New Zealand to the fullest. Over/Under betting options are great alternatives too. When you place an Over/Under bet, you wager on the number of goals or points scored and whether that number will be higher or lower than the limit the bookie set.

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    Over/Under Betting Explained

    When you are placing Over/Under bets, you are betting on the total points scored in a match. In other words, you predict whether the combined score of the two teams would be lower or higher than a limit set by the bookmaker. In addition to total points, you can also bet Over/Under on the total number of goals in football, sets and games in tennis, runs in cricket and baseball, etc.

    Let's explain this with an example. Let's say the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. The bookmaker has set the total points threshold for the NFL game (excluding overtime) at 48.5. If the combined score of both teams is lower than 48.5, that is an under bet. If the total points scored are higher than 48.5, that is an over bet. Consider the following outcomes:

      • Kansas City Chiefs 27:21 San Francisco 49ers (Under 48.5 points)
      • Kansas City Chiefs 27:24 San Francisco 49ers (Over 48.5 points)

      As you can see, in the first scenario, the total combined score by both teams is 48, meaning only bettors placing an Under bet would win. In contrast, in the second example, the total number of points is 51, so the winning bet is Over.

      Over/Under Betting Explained Over/Under Betting Explained

      Over/Under Betting Markets

      You can place over/under bets on almost all sports out there. However, as you can imagine, you will be betting on different types of totals. For instance, if you wager on a football game, you bet on the total number of goals scored. In contrast, if you are placing an NBA total, you are betting on the total number of points. A cricket and a baseball game are similar as you are betting on runs in both, while tennis offers Over/Under betting on sets and games. Despite betting on other things for each sport, though, in essence, Over/Under betting markets can be categorized into three different bet types.

      Game Over/Under Bets

      As the name implies, in game Over/Under markets, you bet on the final score of the match i.e. the total that is the result of the combined score of the two teams or players. Let's say you are betting on the football game between Liverpool FC and Aston Vila and predict that the match will end with Over 2.5 goals. That means that a final score where the total is three goals or more is a winning bet. Some winning final score examples include results such as 2:1, 2:2, 1:3, 3:2, etc. On the other hand, results like 0:0, 1:0, and 1:1 are all losing bets.

      Team Over/Under Bets

      You can also bet on one of the two teams and whether there will be more or fewer points scored by one of the two sides. Let's say you are placing an Under total bet on the Memphis Grizzlies and making a sports betting prediction that the Grizzlies will score fewer than 110.5 points. If the Memphis-based side scores 110, 109 or fewer points, that is an Under team bet. On the other hand if the Grizzlies score 111, 112 or more points, that is an Over bet.

      Player Over/Under Bets

      The best online bookmakers also have a wide range of player prop bets, where you can bet totals on individual players. For example, if you bet on college football or the NFL, you have probably seen a quarterback market, such as the following one, Brock Purdy - 230.5 passing yards. As with the previous betting totals, you can wager Over/Under. If the 49ers quarterback throws 230 yards, that's Under. Anything above that is Over.

      How to Place Over/Under Bets

      The Over/Under bet type is one of the most popular wagers for sports bettors in New Zealand. Even if you prefer placing point spread and moneyline bets, chances are that sooner or later you will bet on totals too. Here's what you need to do to bet Over/Under in New Zealand.

      • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
      • Tools Needed: Account
      • Supplies Needed: Time
      Shortlist Top Sports Betting Sites Step 1

      Shortlist Top Sports Betting Sites

      You need a reliable sports betting site for any type of wager, including Over/Under bets. So, before you start totals betting, locate a top online bookmaker. The bookies we feature at Betpack have been tested and approved by experts, so give those a look first.

      Open a Betting Account Step 2

      Open a Betting Account

      From the sportsbooks you have shortlisted, find one that has enticing Over/Under odds and a wide range of regular and alternative totals markets. Next, join that bookmaker and make your first deposit. If you can claim a welcome bonus that's even better.

      Do Your Over/Under Betting Homework Step 3

      Do Your Over/Under Betting Homework

      The success of your Over/Under bets will depend on whether you research the bets you want to place. That means comparing and analyzing recent performances and the attacking or defensive prowess of each team or player. Try to use a proven betting strategy too.

      Place Your Over/Under Bet Step 4

      Place Your Over/Under Bet

      By now you should know exactly what single or parlay bet you will place. So, go to the Sports section and find the matches you want to bet on. Select the Over or Under bet option to add the selection of your bet slip. Enter your stake and place your wager.

      Strategies and Tips for Over/Under Betting

      Whether you are placing a money line bet or wagering on some other betting line, a good sports wagering strategy can help you significantly. Let's look at four tips which will boost your chances of getting a winning wager.

      Fibonacci Sequence for Even Money Over/Under Bets

      Coach's Style and Tendencies Analysis

      Check Out the Weather Conditions

      Managing your betting bankroll and using payment methods with limits that work for you can go a long way when betting totals, especially if you want to maintain a positive balance. The Fibonacci system on even odds bets is quite useful too. When using the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.) for betting totals, you start with 1 unit and increase your bet stake to be equal to the next number in the sequence, but only when you lose. When you win, you move two numbers down the sequence when you win. The idea is to recoup your losses and keep a positive balance.

      Sharp bettors know that the key to winning totals bets is knowing how teams play. The coaches can play a big part too. For instance, if a team is more defensively minded, chances are it will concede fewer goals and points, meaning betting Under is a smart move. In contrast, an attack-oriented coach will instruct his team to play more offensively, resulting in more scoring opportunities and Over outcomes.

      A rainy day can have a massive impact on the final score of outdoor sports, such as football or rugby, as weather conditions can dramatically affect pitch and playing field conditions. As a rule of thumb, the sunnier and milder the weather and the more favourable the conditions, the higher the chances for more goals/points and an Over outcome. In contrast, poor weather conditions make it difficult for teams and players and often result in low-scoring affairs.


      One of the great things about placing sports bets in New Zealand is the choice of markets, and one of the most popular bet types is Over/Under. When you place Over/Under bets, you predict how many goals/runs/points will be scored by both teams in a match. You can also place the same bet on individual teams and players and can bet on full-time totals, but can bet on the first half only too. The options for total bets are as extensive as you want them to be. That goes double when you join the top betting sites, such as those we feature at Betpack. These bookies have competitive Over/Under odds, enticing betting offers and all the totals bet types Kiwi bettors need.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Happens if the Over/Under Total is a Whole Number?

      If the set number of goals/points given by the bookmaker is a whole number, for example, 4, and the total number of goals/points is also 4, then the bet is a push and the bookmaker will return your bet stake.

      Is Overtime Considered for Over/Under Bets?

      It depends. For most Over/Under bets, overtime won't be considered. However, if the bookmaker specifies otherwise, and says that the total includes overtime, then the points/goals scored during overtime will count too.

      What Does Over/Under 1.5 Mean in Football Betting in NZ?

      It means that the NZ bookmaker has set a 1.5 goal threshold. If the combined score of both teams is lower than 1.5, it means the winning bet is Under. If the number of goals is higher i.e. two, three or more goals are scored, Over is the winning bet.

      What Does the Half Point Mean in Over/Under Betting?

      Half points ensure that you are betting on a two-way market. In other words, there are only two outcomes, lower and higher than the number given, which is not the case when there is an exact number, such as 2 or 3. In that case, there are three outcomes, over, under and a push.

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