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Try your luck with the both teams to score market and explore different both teams score tips for a chance to get a winning bet. Place a BTTS bet on an upcoming or live football match in the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, or as you follow your favourite teams playing against a big rival. BTTS bets are perfect for football lovers. You can consider it for your next betting predictions.

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    Both Teams to Score Explained

    The both teams to score bet is all about the teams scoring or not during regular time. Before a BTTS bet wins, at least one team must score and the other follows within regulation time. Placing BTTS bets is straightforward. In this case, you're betting on Yes or No.

    For instance, if Manchester City is playing Manchester United at the Etihad, you can choose Yes or No for both teams to score within the regulation time. In this case, you expect the game to end with at least one goal scored by both the home team and the away team if you pick yes, and at least one of the teams to end the game with a zero scoreline if you pick the No option.

    However, BTTS games are limited to sports that involve scoring goals, and a good example is football. Although in Basketball, teams concede and score points, it is impossible to have a team not score throughout the game. Therefore, you can't place BTTS bets on basketball games and the like.

    Before you make a BTTS prediction, you should follow some BTTS tips because that will help improve your winning on both teams to score betting. As you plan to add this market to your bet slip, you can always follow a BTTS tip and check out BTTS stats for each game.

    Furthermore, staying abreast of the latest promotions and betting offers adds an extra layer of advantage to your betting strategy. Not only does this practice enhance your overall betting experience, but it also presents opportunities to multiply your winnings. It is also a good idea to check out free football tips before you make both teams to score predictions. That way, when you look at the both teams to score games, you know where the BTTS stands. You know if you should go for Yes or No, given what the stats and previous games suggest.

    Both Teams to Score Examples Both Teams to Score Examples

    Both Teams to Score Markets

    When it comes to both teams to score bets, there is only one option to consider. You're either tipping both teams to score before the final whistle, or at least one team fails to score. At many football betting sites, there are no other options to consider. So, you're left with only the Yes or No choices whenever you want to bet on this market.

    However, there are cases where you might find some special options if you're looking for extra odds to boost your overall potential payout. At some betting sites, when you want to try your luck with BTTS tips today, you can add an additional outcome.

    For instance, you can try your luck with both teams to score two goals plus (BTTS and 2+), meaning that both teams will concede goals and both will score, and the teams will score 2 goals each before the game ends. Another option is the BTTS and Over 2.5. In this case, you want goals conceded by both teams, and the match should end with at least 3 goals scored.

    How to Place Both Teams to Score Bets

    Before you start placing bets on the BTTS market, you should learn how to get started. Whether you want to place a single bet or multiples, we've created a guide to help to learn how to place both teams to score BTTS bets on two teams facing off.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Account
    Select the Competition You Want to Bet On Step 1

    Select the Competition You Want to Bet On

    The first step is to check the upcoming game list or live in-play games to know what options are available. With that, you can check out the different competitions and tournaments coming up and in play to get started. Then, you can select the competition you want to focus on and proceed to the next phase.

    Pick the Games and Teams Step 2

    Pick the Games and Teams

    Look at the games available in the competition you're going for and keep in mind whether they are league or cup competitions, which will come in handy when you want to make predictions. After that, you should select the games and teams you want to bet on. Once you're done with that, you can proceed to the next phase.

    Do Your Research Step 3

    Do Your Research

    One of the top both teams to score tips to follow is doing your research. Before you make BTTS predictions, you should do your research. Check if both teams scored in their previous games and meetings. Aside from that, look at other important information. Once you've gathered enough data, you can move to the next phase.

    Make Predictions and Place Bets Step 4

    Make Predictions and Place Bets

    Once you have all the needed information, you can proceed to make your predictions. Ensure you pay attention to the odds as well because that will help guide you on which one is the most likely outcome. Then you can place your bets and wait until the game ends to see how many goals were scored in the game and if they were shared between both sides.

    Both Teams to Score Tips and Strategies

    With a suitable both teams to score tip, you can improve your chances of getting a win with your predictions. That way, you know good teams that are likely to keep clean sheets, check past results, find out about the best teams in the competition, and other essential information. Below are some betting tips and strategies you can follow when you want to bet on both teams to score.

    Choose a Suitable Bookmaker with High Odds

    Research the Match

    Check the Team's Form

    Take Advantage of Free Bets

    Use Free Football Betting Tips

    Bookmakers are important to the betting industry. If you fall victim to bad bookmakers, you'll end up with a bad experience. So, you must find a suitable online betting site to join. Additionally, we recommend that you compare and evaluate the odds to know whether they are up to the industry's standard or better. That way, you will have a bigger payout potential.

    Take the time to check out the match before getting started. Look at the teams to know which ones are the strong teams. That way, you'll know which ones are likely to score more goals, and that can aid your predictions. Check through the season to know how the teams have fared against other opponents or each other if they've played recently.

    You should also pay attention to the team's season forms. You want to know if they've been scoring regularly and have the potential to put one past their opponents before injury time. Look at their results against other teams to know if they are worth backing to score. You should also look at their defensive records to be sure whether they are notorious for keeping clean sheets.

    Free bets are there to help increase your winning chances. Use the extra money to try new strategies. Ensure you check the terms and conditions for the free bet offers before you get started. That way, you know if you can place BTTS bets with the bonus offer.

    There are various football betting tips you can consider, and the good thing is that they are free. So you don't have to worry about paying extra before you can use them. Take the time to explore these tips to see their picks. You can use their prediction as inspiration for yours so you don't miss out on a good winning bet.


    Betting on both teams to score helps take the focus and tension off the winning side. With this option, you don't have to worry about who wins or whether the game ends in a draw. You're only concerned about the goals scored. You can bet on league and cup competitions, but in the case of cup tournaments, you must consider extra time. So, if you don't want to focus on the moneyline market, you can consider the BTTS option and bet whether both teams will score or not in your next prediction.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Extra Time Count in the Both Teams to Score Bet?

    Unless stated otherwise, extra time doesn't count for a BTTS bet. So, ensure you check the BTTS tips before proceeding.

    What Both Teams to Score Markets are Available?

    There is only one BTTS market you can bet on. You're either backing both teams to score or at least one of them not to score.

    Can I Place Both Teams to Score Bets for Free?

    You can place a free BTTS bet when you claim free bets at the betting site or a bonus offer. Other than that, you can't place bets for free.

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