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Offering better odds than double chance bets and not as risky as moneyline wagers, the Draw No Bet market allows you to back a team to win but get your money back if the outcome is a draw. Draw No Bet wagers are ideal for Kiwi bettors who avoid favourites and prefer to get better odds by betting on dark horses. However, they also want a safety net just in case their wager ends in a draw.

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    Draw No Bet Explained

    Draw No Bet is a 2-way sports betting market that allows you to bet on the Home or Away Win, and if the match ends in a draw, there is no bet i.e. your bet stake is returned. Unlike the 3-way moneyline market where there are three outcomes, Home Win, Away Win and Draw, in Draw No Bet wagers, there are only two outcomes - Home Win and Away Win. If the final result is a draw, your money is returned.

    Let's explain this with an example. Let's say you are betting on the English Premier League football match between West Ham (1.80) and Tottenham (1.90). For the sake of the example, let's say you place €10 on West Ham and €10 on Tottenham. These are the possible outcomes:

      • West Ham Win - You win a total of €18
      • Tottenham Win - You win a total of €19
      • Draw - No Bet - Your €10 bet stake is returned

      As you can see in Draw No Bet wagers, the odds for a West Ham and Tottenham wins are lower than in the moneyline market. Also, there are no odds for the draw outcome. However, the good thing is that even if your team doesn't win, the draw outcome returns your bet stake.

      Draw No Bet Examples

      Draw No Bet wagers are easy to understand. Here's a Draw No Bet example that will explain how a DNB bet works. Let's say you are betting on a football match between Team A and Team B. Draw No Bet is a 2-way market, so you can only choose to bet on Team A or Team B. There is no draw option. Let's say you back Team A to win. These are the outcomes:

        • You back Team A and Team A wins - You win your DNB bet
        • You back Team A and Team B wins - You lose your DNB bet
        • You back Team A and the result is a Draw - Your bet stake is returned

        The Draw No Bet market is very similar to the double chance bet and moneyline wager. However, there is one significant difference. In both moneyline (1X2) and double chance wagers (1X, 12, X2), the bookie gives you odds for the draw outcome. In Draw No Bet, the odds posted for a draw are 1.00, meaning the bet is a push, and you get your stake back.

        How to Place Draw No Bet Wagers

        The Draw No Bet market is an enticing proposition for both new bettors and experienced punters. As you can see, it is also pretty easy to understand. So, if you are looking to place your first Draw No Bet wager, you will be able to do that right at this moment. Here's what you need to do.

        • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
        • Tools Needed: PC or Mobile Phone
        • Supplies Needed: Time
        Scan Betpack's List of Bookmakers Step 1

        Scan Betpack's List of Bookmakers

        The only way to enjoy a Draw No Bet wager is to place it with a reliable sportsbook. This can be hard to check alone, as you need to examine a variety of factors, such as licenses and security levels. That's why many Kiwi bettors prefer to choose a licensed and secure betting site featured at Betpack.

        Check Draw No Bet Odds Step 2

        Check Draw No Bet Odds

        After scanning the list of Betpack bookmakers, you have probably narrowed down your options to three or four sports betting sites. To narrow those options even further, check the Draw No Bet odds each bookie gives you. Only consider online betting sites that work with small profit margins and give you the best odds.

        Analyze Betting Offers Step 3

        Analyze Betting Offers

        Next, look at sportsbook promos, such as welcome bonuses and free bets. You want to join a bookmaker that offers a wide range of sports betting bonuses not just because bonuses are fun but also because they allow you to place DNB bets with the bookmaker's funds.

        Join the Best DNB Bookmaker Step 4

        Join the Best DNB Bookmaker

        By now you should have narrowed down your options to one top-notch betting site. This is the bookmaker that aced all your previous assessments. So, the only thing to do next is join that Draw No Bet betting site and make your first deposit. With your betting account funded, you can now place your DNB wager.

        Strategies and Tips for Draw No Bet Markets

        Risk-averse bettors looking to boost their chances of winning often opt for the Draw No Bet market. However, did you know that with a good Draw No Bet strategy you can increase your probability of winning even further? At Betpack, we have a dedicated section on sports betting strategies and many of these approaches can be used when betting on the Draw No Bet market. Let's look at the most popular DNB betting techniques and methods.

        Avoid Backing Favourites
        Find Dark Horses
        Manage Your Bankroll to Better Manage Your Risk
        Bet on Live DNB Betting Markets

        Betting on odds-on favourites is a good method to win money when betting on the moneyline market. So, you might think that backing these strong teams in the DNB market is even better. However, you could be wrong, as the already low odds of favourites become even lower in the Draw No Bet market. In other words, yes, you likely won't lose money when betting on favourites. Unfortunately, you also won't win much, as their Draw No Bet odds online bookmakers offer will be on the lowest end of the odds spectrum.

        The Draw No Bet market has nothing to do with horse racing. However, so-called dark horses do. A dark horse is a team or player that is not considered to be a favourite or a strong contender but is able to exceed expectations and win. These low expectations often result in enticing moneyline odds that remain high even in the Draw No Bet market. Essentially, when you bet on a dark horse, you get great odds for a competitor that surpasses expectations. However, to find dark horses, you need to know the sport you are betting on and do your sports betting homework.

        Choosing bettor-friendly payment methods and setting a budget that will allow you to bet within your means is crucial when placing Draw No Bet wagers. As we explained, the DNB betting market is so appealing to bettors because it reduces the risk of losing. By managing your bankroll responsibly, you will lower that risk even more. So, even if you slump into a losing run of DNB bets, setting a budget tailored to suit your income and betting habits will help you weather the storm and return stronger when things start going your way.

        When you bet in-play, you can watch the action play out and see how each team or player is performing. This betting strategy will allow you to make more informed betting decisions and place educated in-play Draw No Bet wagers.

        Another benefit of betting live on the Draw No Bet market is that you can hedge your pre-match DNB bets. Imagine that you have backed the home team to win with a Draw No Bet and it is the last selection of your parlay bet. Instead of risking and losing it all, you decide to use a hedge betting calculator to check out how much you might win if you bet on the opposite outcome.

        Because Draw No Bet is a 2-way market, you would only need to bet on the away team. That way, whatever the outcome, you will win your wager. Even if it is a draw, your hedge bet stake will be returned and you will win your parlay wager.


        Wagering on Draw No Bet means you are backing Team A or Team B to win and accepting that if a draw occurs, you will get your bet stake back. So, if the game ends in a draw, you won't lose, but won't win either. The bet will be a push and your money will be returned.

        It is evident that the risk of losing is reduced when wagering on Draw No Bet meaning you get to back your team but still enjoy the safety net of the draw outcome. However, to get all the perks of DNB bets, you must join reliable sports betting sites, such as the top-rated sportsbooks we analyze at Betpack.

        These betting sites have the Draw No Bet odds and markets you need and will let you enjoy both pre-match and live wagers, as well as single and parlay bets. They also boast a fantastic selection of betting offers, meaning you can place Draw No Bet wagers with the bookmaker's funds.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is Draw No Bet in Sports Betting?

        A Draw No Bet is a sports betting market that allows you to bet on two options - Home or Away Win. If the game ends in a draw, there is no bet. In other words, when neither team wins, you get draw odds of 1.00.

        What Is the Best Sports Betting App for Draw No Bet in New Zealand?

        To find the betting app for Draw No Bet markets, you need to analyze several things. First, determine that the betting site has a betting app you can download to your device in New Zealand. Then see if the app is licensed and secure. Lastly, look at the sports betting options, particularly for soccer betting, and check if DNB odds offer good value.

        Is Draw No Bet a Profitable Betting Market?

        As with all bet types, a betting market is only as profitable as the effort you put in to place an educated wager. That said, there are a couple of reasons why Draw No Bet wagers are the preferred option of many bettors. First, the risk of losing your bet stakes is reduced. Also, you get much better odds than the ones given for the double chance bet.

        What Are the Disadvantages of the Draw No Bet Market?

        The biggest disadvantage of the DNB market for bettors is that you get lower odds compared to the moneyline bet. On the other hand, Draw No Bet wagers come with more competitive odds than double chance bets. It is up to you to see which of these three markets works best for you.

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