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Top New Zealand bookmakers offer a wide range of markets and the winning margin betting is one of the most popular options with Kiwi bettors. With winning margin wagers, you predict the number of points, goals, and runs by which a team wins a match. You can bet on winning margin markets in basketball, tennis, cricket, rugby, ice hockey or any sport that produces a final score. Of course, that means you will get hundreds of different winning margin options.

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    Winning Margin Explained

    When you bet on a winning margin market, you predict by how many points or goals a team or player will win a match. To find out whether you have a winning bet, you only need to consult the final result of the match and see the difference in points or goals scored between the two teams.

    For instance, if you are an ice hockey betting enthusiast, you can bet on the winning margin market for the NHL game between the St. Louis Blues and Columbus Blue Jackets. Let's say the final score of the match is Blues 2:0 Blue Jackets. As you can see, the winning margin in this match is two goals. If the Blues won the game 3:0, the winning margin would have been three goals. If the final outcome was 1:0, the winning margin would be a single goal.

    What are winning margin bets? What are winning margin bets?

    Winning Margin Examples

    The most effective way to understand how winning margin bets work is to look at a couple of examples. Punters betting on football can choose from various winning margin options. For instance, if Sporting Lisbon plays against Benfica and the final result is 3:1 in Sporting's favour, the winning margin is two goals. As you can see, you get the margin by subtracting the goals the losing side scored from the number of goals of the winning team. If Sporting wins the match 4:3, the margin of victory is one goal.

    Basketball is another popular sport for winning margin betting markets. Let's say you place a straight winning margin bet predicting the Miami Heat will beat the New Orleans Pelicans with a margin of more than 15.5 points. However, the final result of the match is the Miami Heat 112:98 New Orleans Pelicans. Because the winning margin in this case is only 14 points, you will lose your bet. As you can see, winning markets are very similar to point spread bet types because you need to correctly predict the points difference between the winning and losing team.

    How to Place Winning Margin Bets

    Winning margin bets are among the most exciting types of wagers for Kiwi bettors. However, before you place a winning margin bet, we recommend that you read our four-step guide. Here's what you need to do to make the best use of winning margin markets.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Check the License Step 1

    Check the License

    Start by determining whether the sports betting site you want to join has a gambling license. All top-rated Betpack bookies do. If a bookmaker doesn't have a sports betting concession from a renowned wagering regulator, it offers no guarantees regarding security and privacy.

    Analyze Odds and Markets Step 2

    Analyze Odds and Markets

    To make the most of each winning margin bet you place, you need to examine the markets available to you. Only shortlist bookmakers that have a wide range of regular and alternative winning margin markets and offer competitive betting odds.

    Look for Winning Margin Bonuses Step 3

    Look for Winning Margin Bonuses

    A welcome bonus or a free bet can boost your winning margin bets significantly. However, not all bookmakers have enticing promos. So, before you start placing margin bets, go through the sportsbook's section of bonuses to see if they might work for you.

    Join the Best Bookie Step 4

    Join the Best Bookie

    If you started your search with Betpack's top-rated sportsbooks, you now probably have a few online bookmakers on your shortlist. Choose the best one for you and register with it. Next, you will only need to make a deposit before you can start betting on the winning margin of matches.

    Strategies and Tips for Winning Margin Betting

    Veteran Kiwi punters utilize a wide range of sports betting tips and tricks. You should do that too. Even a basic betting approach can provide surprisingly good results, as it will make betting on winning margins more analytical and systematic and less driven by impulses and whims.

    Read Team News and Updates

    Place Accumulator Winning Margin Bets for Better Odds

    Turn Your Correct Score Bet into a Winning Margin Wager

    Plan Your Betting Budget

    You don't have to be a pro bettor to have winning bets. Sure, using complex betting strategies will improve your chances of winning. However, often, keeping abreast with the latest news and team updates is enough to boost your prospects too. For instance, if you notice that a few key players will be missing for the favourite, it might be smart to readjust your original winning margin and make it lower. Alternatively, you can decide not to bet on the exact winning margin and instead wager on an approximate goal or point difference.

    Placing a single bet on winning margin options is a smart move if you want to minimize the risk of losing. If you are looking for better winnings, though, combining several winning margin bets is the way to go. Winning margins are often quite easy to get right but still come with decent odds. So if you create a winning margin bet accumulator and all your legs win, the result will be some surprisingly high potential payouts. Try this on our accumulator calculator and see for yourself.

    Many Kiwi bettors know that correct score bets are quite difficult to get right. So, a good piece of advice is to make the correct score prediction you were planning to place and transform it into a much easier winning margin bet. Of course, the odds for that particular game will be much lower than in the correct score market. However, your bet will have a better chance of coming to fruition and winning margin odds are not that bad anyway. If the bookmaker you join has enhanced odds promos and other betting offers, that's all the better for you.

    When placing winning margin bets, you can do the analyzing yourself i.e. compare the head-to-head record between teams, or read sports betting tips by experts. However, managing your bankroll is crucial too. Contrary to what many bettors believe, managing a bankroll doesn't only entail picking suitable payment methods. It also involves careful planning. In other words, if you don't keep track of how much you spend, you can soon be in trouble. As a rule of thumb, when betting on winning margins, you should only spend the money you can afford to lose. You can spend less, but definitely not more than that.


    As you can see, winning margin bets offer several benefits that Kiwi bettors can profit from. First, they are easy to understand. Even if you are new to sports betting, you will have no problem wagering on the winning margin market of your favourite basketball game. Also, they often come with decent odds and give you great value. Lastly, if you join a top-rated bookmaker, you can have your pick from a good range of regular and alternative winning margin betting options. And that's where Betpack comes in. We examine reputable New Zealand bookmakers and rated them from best to worst. Pick one of our top recommendations and enjoy the perks of winning margin betting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Meaning of a 3-Goal Winning Margin?

    A three-goal winning margin means that the team you back will win and, in the process, create a three-goal difference between itself and the losing team.

    What Does a 31+ Winning Margin in Basketball Mean?

    The 31+ winning margin in basketball means that one of the teams will win by 31 points or more. This market will usually be one of several winning margin options, so you will be able to pick the one that works for you.

    Does the Winning Margin Include Overtime?

    You have to check with the bookmaker to see if the winning margin bet you placed includes overtime too. Most often, it won't. So, if the match goes into overtime, you will automatically lose your wager, as it will end in a draw. However, if the bet includes overtime, your bet will stay active until the very end of the match.

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