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A clean sheet in betting usually refers to a scenario where one team prevents the opposition from scoring goals for the entire match. This term is often used in sports such as football, hockey and rugby. For example, if a punter bets on a team to keep a clean sheet, it means that he is betting that the selected team will not score any goals during the match. If the team successfully prevents the opposing team from scoring, the bet will win.

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    Clean Sheet in Betting Explained

    Used almost exclusively on football matches, the clean sheet bet is a 2-way market where you predict whether one of the teams will keep a clean sheet or not. If you back a team to keep a clean sheet and it doesn't concede any goals, you have a winning bet. In contrast, if the team concedes even only one goal, your clean sheet wager is a losing one.

    Let's explain how clean sheet betting works. Let's say you are betting on the English Premier League football match between Manchester United and Manchester City. Man City are in great form and are very strong defensively. So, you decide to back the Citizens, predicting they will keep a clean sheet i.e. won't concede any goals. The match ends 2:0, and City win. You have a winning bet.

    Let's now look at a losing clean sheet betting example. Let's imagine you are placing a clean sheet bet on the match between Juventus and Bologna, backing the Turin side to keep it tight at the back and not concede any goals. However, the match ended 2:1. Juventus was the winning team, but the Old Lady didn't win to nil. So, your clean sheet wager is a losing one.

    Clean Sheet Betting Explained Clean Sheet Betting Explained

    Clean Sheet Betting Markets

    Even though the concept of a clean sheet bet is pretty straightforward, the best online sportsbooks allow you to bet on a wide range of clean sheet betting markets. Let's take a look at the most popular sports betting options for clean sheet bets and how you can use them to your advantage.

    Team Clean Sheet Bets

    The most common clean sheet wager, a team clean sheet bet means exactly that - you back one of the teams in a football match to not concede any goals. For example, if you are betting on a match between PSG and Monaco and back PSG to keep a clean sheet, the Saints must not concede, meaning the match can end 0:0 or PSG can win to nil.

    Clean Sheet Yes/No Bets

    As the name implies, to win this bet, you need to make an accurate prediction - whether there will be a clean sheet in a football game or not. If one or both teams keep a clean sheet, the winning bet is Yes. On the other hand, if both teams score, then No is the option you should have wagered on.

    Half-Time Clean Sheet Betting Options

    You can also bet on half-time clean sheet markets. These sports betting options allow you to bet on whether one of the teams will keep a clean sheet in the first half. Let's say you back Barcelona to keep a first-half clean sheet in the match against Getafe. The match ended 2:1, but the half-time score was 1:0 for Barcelona. That means you have a winning wager.

    Some football betting sites also let you bet on half-time Yes/No markets. As with the full-time variant of this bet type, your Yes bet wins when at least one of the teams keeps a clean sheet at halftime. Betting on No would require that both teams score goals in the first half.

    Both Teams to Score Clean Sheet Betting

    In a way, you can look at the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) bet as a variation of the clean sheet market. In it, you can bet on two outcomes, BTTS: Yes and BTTS: No. If both teams score at least one goal, the winning bet is BTTS: Yes. However, if at least one of the teams doesn't score, then the winning bet is BTTS: No.

    Win to Nil Betting Markets

    If you are looking for the best clean sheet odds, back a team to win and keep a clean sheet. For example, you can bet on Bayern Munich winning against FC Koln and not conceding any goals. If that happens, you have a winning bet and will get some pretty high clean sheet betting odds too.

    How to Place Clean Sheet Bets 

    Placing clean sheet bets is easy, and any Kiwi bettor can do it. At Betpack, we make the process even easier by providing you with all the tools you need, from sports betting guides to reviews of popular payment methods in New Zealand. Here's how you can place your first clean sheet bet in four simple steps.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Join a Top Bookie Step 1

    Join a Top Bookie

    Register with a reliable betting site. If you cannot find one yourself, check out Betpack's list of top-rated bookmakers. Registration is a pretty straightforward process, where you will be prompted to enter and then verify your personal and contact details.

    Deposit and Claim Welcome Bonus Step 2

    Deposit and Claim Welcome Bonus

    Next, fund your new account. To do this, choose one of the deposit options that the bookie works with. Before you deposit, don't forget to check for a welcome bonus. If you pick a Betpack-listed bookmaker, chances are that it has an enticing sign-up offer too.

    Scan Clean Sheet Options Step 3

    Scan Clean Sheet Options

    Now pick the clean sheet betting market you will bet on. To do this, go to the Sports section and choose the football or soccer matches you will wager on. Then find the clean sheet bet type you are looking for and click on it. It will be added to your bet slip.

    Place Your Clean Sheet Bet Step 4

    Place Your Clean Sheet Bet

    You can include one or more clean sheet bets in your bet slip, meaning you can bet on single or parley clean sheet wagers. Whichever you choose, remember to check your selections, odds and bet stakes before placing your wager. When you are sure everything is in order, submit your clean sheet bet.

    Strategies and Tips for Clean Sheet in Betting

    Whether you are an experienced bettor or a wagering beginner, you can make the most of your clean sheet bets if you use a clean sheet betting strategy that has produced results for other punters. To help you in your efforts, we have compiled a list of three such tips. Use these betting strategies in conjunction with methods you develop yourself, and you will likely improve your chances of winning.

    Analyze a Team's Ability to Win 'Ugly'

    Check the Attack of the Opposing Team

    Weather Conditions

    Not all teams play like Pep's Manchester City or Ancelotti's Real Madrid. Some coaches love to win while playing ugly. That means they get the win, but the match is nothing to write home about. Most of these football matches end with the team that plays an unattractive style of football winning and keeping a clean sheet.

    So, yes, you won't enjoy the performance of the team you are backing. However, because that team probably has a rock-solid backline and midfield, your chances of winning your clean sheet bet will be pretty good.

    One team keeping a clean sheet is contingent on the other team not scoring goals. So if you are planning to back a side not to concede, first look at the opposition. If the team you are betting against has bags of goals in it, it might be better to pick a different match.

    In contrast, if your team plays against an offensively impotent side, your chances of getting a clean sheet dramatically improve. This is another reason why you should analyze teams and players before placing clean sheet bets.

    Weather conditions can have a big influence on the success of your clean sheet bets. That is particularly true if you are betting on lower-divisions, cup matches or amateur and reserve football leagues. Teams in these lower-tier competitions don't have the best pitches, so you can imagine how unplayable those pitches become after some heavy rains.

    And when teams find it hard to string two passes together or players can't dribble past opponents, the only outcome to expect is a goalless draw in which no team scores. That might not be everyone's idea of entertainment, of course. However, triggering a couple of betting offers or free bets plus a winning clean sheet bet will more than make up for that.


    Betting on sports in New Zealand is not only about point spreads and moneyline bets. Other betting markets are worth your time too. Placing bets on clean sheets is one of those enticing options. That goes double if you are a football betting enthusiast. When you wager on clean sheet bets, you can predict that one or both of the teams playing won't concede goals. If your team successfully prevents the opposition from scoring for the entire duration of the match, you have a winning bet.

    The great thing about betting on clean sheets is that there is nothing complicated about them. However, to maximize the potential of each clean sheet wager, you need to place bets at only the best online sportsbooks. With Betpack, that is as easy as you want it to be. Choose from one of our top-rated bookmakers and start betting on the most enticing clean sheet markets in New Zealand!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Clean Sheet in Football Betting?

    A clean sheet in football means that one of the teams hasn't conceded any goals. So, in football betting, backing a team to keep a clean sheet is a prediction that the team won't concede any goals during the entire game.

    Does Clean Sheet Betting Include Overtime?

    It depends, and you need to check with your sports betting site to find out. Most bookmakers offer clean sheet betting markets on full-time outcomes only, meaning overtime or extra time is not included.

    Does a 0:0 Draw Count as a Clean Sheet?

    Yes, it does. If the final result is 0:0, both teams have kept a clean sheet. So, whichever team you back is a winning bet for you.

    Is Clean Sheet Betting Available for All Sports?

    Clean sheet betting is most commonly associated with sports like football (soccer), hockey, and rugby, where teams aim to prevent their opponents from scoring. However, its availability may vary depending on the sportsbook and the sport itself.

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